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A funeral

Posted December 4th, 2009 at 05:41 PM by The B.I.V.
First off, Iím a father of 5. And I honestly donít enjoy it like, 90% of the time. For one thing, Iím not allowed to be a kid myself. Iím forced to be an adult and I really donít like adults much at all (which is probably why I spend so much time here, but I digress). The other thing that makes it less than enjoyable is that I canít just go and do whatever I want because my every action is scrutinized by the little ones and incorporated into their lives and, while I donít mind them emulating my awesome qualities, Iíd rather they not emulate my less-than-stellar ones.

At any rate, this kid in our neighborhood died this week. Jared is the same age as my oldest, Peter (7 Ĺ) so it definitely hits home. The two of them used to walk home from school together and were on the same soccer team. In fact, I coached the team last Fall. That was about the time Jared was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor at the base of his skull. Nearly a year later heís gone.

I went to the viewing last night and I just didnít know what to say to his parents. Luckily my wife was there and she handled all the hugging and words of solace while I just smiled and nodded. I mean what do you say when your 7-year-oldís alive and well and theirs is gone? Nothing, and thatís what I did.

The funeral was today. I kept waiting for some type of bolt of lightning to hit me and say:"Wake up, man! You have your kids and they need you," but it never came. Lifeís not that simple. Nothing forces you to do the right thing, you just have to do it anyway, whether you feel like it or not.

I took my little girl to the bathroom and while I was waiting in the hall this 9-year-old kid I know, and his mom, came out into the foyer of our chapel and he was bawling and it just killed me. I feel emotions really strongly. Itís painful, though, so I purposely close myself off so I donít have to feel them. Well, his emotions forced open my gates and I told him to hang in there and that it was okay to feel. The thought then struck me that this must have been what it was like for Jesus but on a much grander level. Now, I canít say I believe all the time but once in awhile I do and this time I did. I believe our souls/minds, what have you, are fully capable of telepathy, empathy and probably a whole lot more but our race as a whole hasnít managed to unlock those abilities yet. I imagine what Jesus went through when he "suffered for our sins" was that he just opened the gates wide and let all the emotions in. All the pain, anguish, sorrows, etc. I got a small glimpse of what that was like and Iím sure a lot of you have to from time to time as well. And before you think Iím preaching, Iím not. Iím just telling you my experience and what it meant to me. Take what you will from it. To quote Kanye, "I ain't here to convert atheists into believers."

To sum up, life is good, life is short, life is fragile. Certain things are important and others are not. Hang in there, be strong for others and be strong for yourselvesÖ

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That was absolustely touching, B.I.V... never thought the blogs section could be used to such an entrancing extent. 5 stars all the way.
Posted December 14th, 2009 at 06:31 PM by Vilsara Vilsara is offline
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