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Warning: The following blog post contains material suitable for people who breathe air. Zombies and the otherwise deceased need not apply.
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Donít disrupt the classroom!

Posted December 21st, 2018 at 09:39 PM by flameslayer93
With the latest C3V release, (Wave 21, pack 2), I thought Iíd post ideas about itís ĎDisruptorí unit Boreos. I got a couple playtests in with him, and Iím looking forward to playing more of him, with and without Talingul. Iím loving how he is a rather potent Disruptor class unit, and has a few builds where he could shine as the MVP (or runner up).

But first, I should define a Disruptor class unit. Basically, itís a unit whoís job is to deny your opponent strong turns. The strongest Disruptors are Deathreavers. They can stall out melee units by screening them and taking away valuable attacks by simply leaving engagement with them. They donít do as much harm to ranged units who can still shoot, but they are effective at gumming up the map.

Other classic ones include Gladiatrons, Major X17, and Air Elementals (who disrupt in a similar way to Boreos). Sadly, all of these units are best at disrupting melee units.

Also, while they donít deny movement or attacks, OM killing units like Mindflayer Mastermind or Dund are excellent at disrupting the enemy by taking away OMís. While they have a hard time doing so, because it is often locked behind a strong d20 roll, when it does work it can be messy for an ill prepared opponent. Also, sadly, OM killers are usually not strong, and although their powers are dangerous, the units donít cause enough damage by themselves to actually break your opponents.

But, back to my main Greater Elemental, Boreos.

Boreos is going to be a real treat as a disruptor, not solely because he is a bonded one (Glads get Movement bonding, Airs get Kurrok/Death Knights), but because he is ranged. No, that range score is not a large number, but that does boost his capability to harrass melee units by being able to kill a weak leader and then stall out his buddies. Against ranged units, his life and defense are enough to allow him to disrupt approaching figures from reaching good perches while still shooting down at them. Remember that he has base 4 attack and defense? With height advantage that becomes a punishing 5/5 unit. And good luck outspeeding a Stealth Flyer with 6 Movement and bonding capabilities.

And then we get to Vortex Pull. If the unit itself wasnít already good at dirupting, he now has the ability to bring a buddy along for a wild ride. Or worse, a foe. This lets you come up with some amazing plays for Boreos, both in early game and mid game. These plays alone are unique, because they can shift the game in your favor when not prepared for. Yes, your opponent can choose whete to drop their mini, but as a Disruptor player, you get to adjust the battlefield to your liking first.

So, hereís what Iíve got for Boreos and army building. While not all of these will be strong, thatís not really the point of this blog post.

Boreos and the Black Knight
Boreos 115
Sir Hawthorne 205
Death Knights x4 465
Air Elemental 495
This was a Ďstandardí build I tested Boreos in, and it had good results overall. Flying Hawthorne in was a good way to get a strong piece into battle quickly and without rolling for Stab in the Back just to mobilize. Although you do need a fair bit of luck to get Hawthorneís multi-attack to do some real damage, he can be effective at slowing the enemy down way before the real battle begins. Boreos and the Death Knights were a solid force altogether, even if they did lack the punch to knock over dragons. This build is a great way to see how to use Vortex Pull offensively too, so definately give it a shot if you want to practice playing Boreos.

Sticky Bomb
Boreos 115
Deathwalker 7000 215
Deathwalker 9000 355
Zettian Infantry x2 485
10 point filler of choice
Essentially, itís a more expensive version of the Theracus Bomb tactic, but in this build you can use Boreos to fly Deathwalker 7000 out of bad scenarios, as well as stop him from getting engaged at all with Swirling Vortex. Zettian Infantry allow you to push the nuclear button when you are ready. Just try not to roll a 1-3...

The rest of the build is very much straightforward, as Boreos can gum up melee troops for you. Hopefully for long enough that the Soulborgs can wreck your opponent.

Boreos, the Tornado of Valhalla
Boreos 115
Khosumet 180
Death Knights x2 300

This idea is an army pod, or a build for a format involving small armies. Being Relentless, Boreos benefits from Khosumetís attack bonus. Being able move Khosumet with him, give Vortex Pull a good use. With height, Boreos is chucking 6 dice at 2 range. Use your Death Knights to help tackle units that Boreos canít do it alone against. Just be mindful of meathead units.

Donít be afraid to throw Khosumet to the wolves to protect Boreos either though.

Phew. Thatís a heck of a blog post.
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superfrog's Avatar
Cool blog post. I like these armies. I think the Boreos/Black Knight combo is the coolest, although the Blackgaard's desire to be engaged might clash with Boreos's movement restriction.
Posted December 24th, 2018 at 05:09 PM by superfrog superfrog is offline
flameslayer93's Avatar
Yeah, I’m not sure how much I like I using the Blackgards with him. Although sending a Blackgard into engagement could be a smart way to to get rid of the initative penalty.
Posted December 25th, 2018 at 02:46 PM by flameslayer93 flameslayer93 is offline
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