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Tide Pods, A Bleeding Van, and the Eternal War on Insomnia.

Posted January 20th, 2018 at 04:02 AM by flameslayer93
...sounds like the name of bad soap opera.

So, Public Service Announcement: Do not eat detergent. For starters, those things are expensive. For seconds, eating soap has long been considered a reasonable punishment for young ones who cursed.

These things have been turned into a joke across the internet (ok, facebook). Thatís fine, but unlike some white shoes, various stores are actually putting these things in those hard plastic cases. Is that seriously neccesary? Are dopey teenagers actually going in and shoplifting little soap pod thingies? The next step will be stealing washing machines and trying to drive them down the road. Donít do that either, different motors.

As far using the properly goes, is the ďplasticĒ casing supposed to dissolve in water? I hope it does, because otherwise folks are gonna have plastic hunks at the bottom of their washers... :shocked:

So last Saturday, my vanís power steering fluid was leaking....

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