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Marro Dividers - Opposite the Drones?

Posted May 27th, 2009 at 06:33 PM by Mr Migraine
After comparing the two units, I've come to a conclusion.


6 Move
1 Range
3 Att
3 Def

Hive Swarm (13-16, activate 6; 17+, activate 9)


5 Move
1 Range
3 Att
3 Def

Cell Divide (17+ ignore wounds and revive one Divider)

Self-Replicate (Can't be rebirthed by hive)


The Drones seem to be geared toward offensive assault. They have a pretty good chance of swarming and have an above-average move of 6 which lets them easily cruise across the battlefield.

The Dividers seem to be geared toward defensive maneuvers. They have the of chance of ignoring wounds and splitting to form two Dividers, further bogging down the enemy. The Drones lack such a defensive ability, while the Dividers lack an offensive one. Their average move of 5 is all right, and they seem to be a perfect...

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