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Birdwatching and an amazing incident

Posted April 13th, 2008 at 10:02 AM by Hex_Enduction_Hour
Updated April 14th, 2008 at 04:33 PM by Hex_Enduction_Hour
A nice little hobby I'd recommend to those interested is bird watching.

It's a low-investment interest that requires an identification book, perhaps a pair of binoculars, and an interest in the outdoors and wildlife.

As well, the opportunity to engage in the hobby is nearly always available. Birds can be found almost anywhere in the world. They're hardy and can thrive even where man's imprint is felt the hardest.

I had an amazing incident occur just yesterday, Saturday, April 12, 2008.
While in my backyard working and playing with my family, I noticed a large Western Scrub-Jay. Not an uncommon site in my backyard, but the bird's behavior was what caught my eye. The vibrantly-colored Jay was perching on our plum tree eyeing something in the grass. It flew off and my attention came back to my family and the backyard maintenance.

A bit later, while I was working in another part of the yard, the same Jay flew right past me and landed on our Mulberry Tree about 6-7 feet away from me.
In its spear-like beak was a young Garter Snake of about 8-9 inches in length.

The Jay had already killed it and began pecking feverishly on the carcass, tearing it apart and eating with a voracious enthusiasm.

For me, it was an amazing incident as I never thought that species of bird would eat animals!

Also, the boldness the bird displayed by landing so close to me gave me a feeling that it was as special moment rewarded to me for my outdoors 'worshipping'.

Here are some clips of the moment I was able to catch with my digital camera's silent video mode. Sorry the quality is low - YouTube compresses footage for easy uploading.



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Hahma's Avatar
Nice catch with the video HEH. I've never seen a bird like that eat a snake. Usually I think of the bigger birds, like hawks and turkey vultures going after meat. Maybe that little guy thought he cought himself a monster worm?

As I recall from previous pictures of your back yard, you have some nice trees and must attract plenty of birds. What a perfect way to enjoy your hobby from as close as your back yard, but also from the places that you like to go hiking to in the mountains.

I look forward to see how your hobby progresses and the neat things that you observe.
Posted May 8th, 2008 at 06:36 PM by Hahma Hahma is offline
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