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Contributors can now Post Blogs!

Posted January 23rd, 2016 at 11:46 AM by The Grim Reaper's Friend
No, you have not misread the title. No, I have not hacked the site to make this a reality. No, I will not relate this entire blog through negatives.

The short story is that contributors now have the ability to post blogs. I myself am proof of this, as I am not a site supporter, and very obviously now have a blog.

The long story, which I'm sure is far more interesting, started several years ago. Well no. It was actually just a sudden decision on the part of the admins with no real background. But it sounds cooler this way.

Note: No offense is meant to site supporters or anyone else by the following.

You see, back in the days when I was involved in such lost causes as crusading against widely accepted army formulas, I developed a bit of a thing about site supporters.

I had recently become a contributor. This was no easy task. It took nearly a year and several messages, but I will not go into specifics. As I say, I had just become a contributor, only to find out that the site supporters had far more privileges than us hard-working contributors.

What?!? I thought. We have to work hard to supply the very fabric of the site, and these guys can get more privileges by chucking money at it instead? What twisted form of justice is this?!?

And so the crusade began. And ended rather quickly. You see, while it must be said I had a bit of a point, the 'other side' as I liked to think of them, also had a good bit of hard evidence backing them up. In my various encounters with 'the enemy,' they calmly pointed out that without their money, the site simply could not exist.

As is so often the case when I find myself losing an argument, I changed what I was fighting for. Well then, contributors should at least get the SAME privileges. Without either one of us, the site couldn't exist! Isn't that reasonable?

Whether or not it was reasonable, I never found out. Apparently equal rights for contributors wasn't a cause people found terribly important at the time, and so, unable to raise attention, the issue slowly died.

Throughout the years, I remembered that I had tried. I had striven for what I believed, but the evil forces arrayed against me had won out through sheer indifference. I had to admit it was a hard blow. I remembered my righteous crusade, and how I was only another martyr in a cause I hoped someday, would be realized as true. Others would take up the standard. The chant would rise again. I could almost hear the protesters filling the forums, crying for equal rights for contributors!

Alas! But I had fallen! If only I had stuck with it. Then, perhaps, amongst the mildly interested site supporters viewing my noble cause with half-unbelieving grins, I would find, one day, one person who agreed with me.

Admittedly that never happened. That I can recall. And admittedly, the above paragraphs were a bit of a melodramatic overkill. In reality, no one paid any attention, and the issue got dropped.

But Lo! A spark flared!

Many years passed. I dived into fan fiction with such fervor that I was genuinely surprised when I found a great following devoted to this outlandish idea of 'customs.' I discovered a strange thing called 'CoN,' and became a very accomplished player. Where RP was concerned at least, not so much winning. I also heard of this new revival of something called the 'Codex,' led by the ever-present and ever-changing Ninja Status.

I was only mildly interested in all this, and went back to my stories. Fan Fiction must survive!

It was then that I received an offer to become a temporary Codex contributor in the fan fiction department. What?!? I thought. A chance to bring fame and notoriety to my noble forum? Sign me up! And so I joined the Codex.

I slowly rose through the ranks. And when I say that, I mean that I merely became a permanent member, since there weren't really any ranks between 'contributor' and 'editor.' And then came the fateful day, when, staggering around drunkenly from mass confusion and a lack of order, the HS Codex staggered to a screeching halt, amidst vague promises of returning within a few months' time.

I shall not restate what the Codex has already said about this period of time. It would merely be redundant, since I was the one who wrote it in the first place. During that time though, we recruited Xotli, our friendly admin/front page hacker/adminy consultant/proofreader/unlimited data uploader.

And so now we return to the topic of this incredibly long blog post! (Seriously, you're still reading this? Wow.)

It was at this time, in the midst of deciding how to get the Codex into blog format, that I mentioned I didn't know how blogs worked, not being able to post them. That was it. No more righteous crusade. No more chant of "down with the site supporters!" A simple fact.

Out of the blue, Xotli decided contributors should be able to post blogs. A short vote of the admins later, it was true.

So after all my rantings, after all my 'martyrdom,' it was a simple comment, within civilized speech, that finally achieved what I had fought so long for.

Now contributors! Post!

P.S. I wish to thank Xotli and all the other admins for allowing us access to this incredibly cool privilege. Despite my hopefully humorous dramatization above, this actually means a lot to me.
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