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El Diabolo's Monthly Tourney -- April Heat of Battle

Posted April 13th, 2011 at 08:49 PM by MegaSilver
El Diabolo's Monthly Tourney -- April Heat of Battle
510 point army, no Marvel.

Migol Ironwill
Mogrimm Forgehammer
Axegrinders x4

After reading on how powerful 4 man squads would be in a Heat of Battle Format, I couldn't but help use the Dwarves. I was also expecting a lot of large units in this format that would like to hack through the squads; such as Grimnak and the Hydra, and the Dwarves could deal with them.

When I got to the tourney, I noticed that two people, Sean/Shawn (enkindu) and Gordon (Deroche) had two armies I was afraid to face, a heavy counterstriking army and the Firestorm, respectively. Needless to say you can expect that I faced them. Anyway, here is how my match ups went:

Game 1 vs. Nate (Tribunal Power) on Jotun's Gap
Blade Gruts x1
Omnicron Snipers x2
Krav Magna Agents

At the beginning, Nate had a little army...

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