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If you want something, you have to MAKE it happen.

Posted April 30th, 2008 at 08:33 PM by K/H_Addict
My first, and likely only blog I'll post here, so here'goes.

2007 wasn't exactly a smooth-sailing year for me, what with high school graduation approaching. As expected, the roller coaster of life had it's ups and downs, but what wasn't expected was the sudden plummet that lasted for quite a few months. September is when it started when I caught word that my girlfriend of 19 (consecutive) months was cheating on me. All through September, I was angry with everything, because even though I made it obvious to her that I knew something was going on, she still didn't want to say anything, until I finally approached her, where she played dumb with me. We won't go into detail any farther than that, but it didn't end well. October went by, and I was still a little torn up inside from it. In November, I met this girl whom I fell for face first faster than I had anyone else before. Turns out that she liked me too (score one for me!), so when she approached her parents about it, they immediately shot it down, due to my being over 18 (apparently, they know how older boys are :roll:), so instead of contesting it, I helped her hook up with the next boy she started to like, who just happens to be a close friend of mine. New Years Eve was probably the worst one ever, partly because I had to be up at 6:30 the following day to go to work and be the only one to actually [B]do[/B] work (as usual) and not even get a thank-you from anyone.

In January, I nearly lost my job (reasons remaining unsaid), but dumb-luck kicked in (one of life's random ups). Valentine's day was almost as bad as New Year's Eve, because here I am yet again amidst a mass of couples, lonely, and missing the good times of being committed to someone. Spring Semester started
in January; I took an English class (College Composition - [U]lame[/U]), and an Engines class (I'm working on becoming an ASE certified master technician). I didn't learn a thing from either of thoe classes, because both of the teachers are horrible at their job. My English teacher would say something, then write it on the board, then not explain anything. My engines teacher
would start a lesson, then get sidetracked onto another complete [B]unrelated [/B]topic for an hour. EVERY DAY - the same old thing.

March rolls around, and I almost lose my job again (same reason as before - more dumb-luck, wtf?), except this time it's because everyone I worked with at the time was taking advantage of me, and overloading me with more and more work to do all at once, and when none of it got done on time, I'd be the one to blame.

April is where everything turns around. I finally get a transfer from the shop I was at to the shop I wanted to be at in the first place when I started with the company back in September. A week ago, I was on my way to school, and saw an '81 El Camino for sale, and called about it the next day. Turns out, it was already built for racing, which I don't want, and the man selling it also has a shell (complete car, minus the drivetrain), and would accept $3,000 for both, or $2,500 for the built one. He cut me a deal and in about 3 weeks, I'm buying the shell for $500. A friend at work happens to be swapping drivetrains in a Nova (Chevy Nova -- Chevy El Camino: IT WORKS!) he has, and is selling me his engine and transmission (307 engine; I'm going to turn it into a 350, and a Turbo350 transmission) already bolted together and ready to be installed for $500. Somehow, I managed, at 19 years old, to pull together the job I've so longed for, as [I]well [/I]as my freakin' dream car.

The only catch is that the engine and transmission won't be ready to go into my El Camino until December/January, but that's okay. That's [I]plenty [/I]of time for me to save up to get this on the road and looking nice. It's not even mine yet, and I already know exactly what I want it to look like: Pearlescent White body with 2 black racing stripes up the hood and across the roof, with black interior and a black bedliner, with custom black 5-spoke wheels. On the tailgate I'll be the first car to advertise a business (Southern Speed and Customs) my buddy's been striving to open for the past 3 years (he's getting there), when I get it painted.
I'm expecting it to be running in about a year or so, so keep an eye out for updates!

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