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This is a neater way of storing my playtests for my customs that I want other people to be able to see. I mostly intend on posting about units that I'd like to submit to the SoV.
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Masha Shingai vs. Praetorian Guard

Posted December 7th, 2019 at 05:07 AM by Astroking112
GROUNDS OF ASHRA by Jaes Shurrig

Glyphs: Wannok (Wound), Kelda (Healer)
Astro: Masha Shingai, Tagawa Samurai Archers x4, Izumi Samurai, Raelin (500)
Leo: Felix, Avita, Roman Legionnaires x3, Marcus Decimus Gallus (500)

5x Tagawa Samurai Archers
~110 Points Left

Both Leo and I made a beeline for Wannok early on. I managed to make it there first and pod up effectively with Raelin, clearing out some Legionnaires with a boosted Counterstrike. Leo's Praetorian Guard customs then rolled in and almost one-shotted my Raelin with their spear throws, but they failed to break through my TSA barrier thanks to some solid defenses. I managed to get in some lucky potshots against Felix, and Masha got a Fiery Retribution to finish him off.

By that point, I had effectively podded up in the center of the map with a squad of TSA. They kept taking shots at the Legionnaires and Marcus (who meanwhile managed to turn the Izumi Samurai into Wannok fodder). Masha rushed in to help, and eventually it was just Avita against roughly two squads of TSA. She made a run for Kelda, but died on the way there.

Current Version of Masha:

Masha got a total of 5 Order Markers, each in a different round. His first was OM3 to simply set up the Awakened Terror for next round, but he also got an OM2 when I wanted to take advantage of the TSA first to capitalize on positioning.

Fiery Retribution activated once (15). Finished off Felix, Leo's Praetorian Guard custom that had been trashing my army otherwise.

He subtracted a total of 3 attack dice from Roman Legionnaires (all targeting him). They either whiffed or were blocked by his 3 defense as a result.

He managed to kill two Romans and was blocked on his final attack.

Total damage dealt: ~51 Points

Masha felt a lot better to play in a normal game with these changes. The added aura for Fiery Retribution, even though it was only activated once, made positioning my army much easier and gave a lot more flexibility in how to use the demon.

He was also fun to play with the Tagawa Samurai Archers. It remains to be seen if this revised Awakened Terror poses too much of a thematic break to be worthwhile (I'm not a big fan of how it reads, but it plays pretty fun).

Overall, I really like how these changes make Masha slightly more rewarding to play without boosting his best-case scenarios (melee-only match-ups), which I was most concerned about breaking with any buffs to him. I'd like to test more with the TSA before being sure, but the direction is promising.

Masha's always felt a bit intimidating to me, but he actually felt very fair and fun to play against. I felt like there were options for how to react to him, and he often felt terrifying and commanded attention on the battlefield (even if he didn't do much with his attacks).
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