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Most think I am weird though I believe them wanting in uniqueness. Many aspire to carve their own niche and end up blending into the sea of posers.

Here's my corner of the asylum, judge for your self.

Water Turtle Wonders

Posted October 1st, 2009 at 10:06 PM by J4Jandar
So I get a Red Eared Slider for my step son's fith birthday. We keep the thing in the back yard in a kiddie swimming pool.

I go out and get river bottom sand and sleuse it to get all the fine particles out so the larger ones remain keeping the water from getting muddied. I put decent sized boulders and logs for sunning purposes while simultaneously stocking the pool with feeder fish and water plants. The place looks hip.

All the Turtle (Fred, female but the kid names it Fred) wants to do is try and escape. We get the water level right so it can't, or so we think, so we leave and go off fishing.

Tyler runs to the back yard to see "Fred" and comes back in the house concerned. "Fred isn't in the Tank!" "Sure he is Tyler, I turtle proofed turtle world so that all turtlieness is well contained. You're not looking hard enough." I say.

I saunter out to the back yard confident in my aquatic reptile containment system....
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Nerf Swords

Posted August 22nd, 2009 at 08:41 PM by J4Jandar
I was cruising my local K-Mart the other day searching for a cool birthday present for my seven year old step son when I came across the Nerf Sword. I thought to my self "Brothers love to beat on each other so what is better than sibling brutality and violence? Sibling brutality and violence with out blood and crying!".

I got them the swords. Non stop beatings all day long and nary a hole in the walls of the house to be found. The only catch is that when dad partakes in the clash of wit and foam there is crying, just no blood. So they're a fun a socially acceptable way to beat your kids.

I think I just found a way to settle disputes with my wife...
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