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Obama, My Job, Wind, and My Army

Posted January 21st, 2009 at 03:51 PM by Melwing17
A few quick random comments, to begin:

1) Barack Obama. Hells yes.
2) I really hate my job. Really. To the point of tears on occasion. I do not enjoy calling people at 8am to collect a delinquent $150 on their Visa card that they know is late because we called them at 8am the day before when they told us their husband just died and their hours got cut back at McDonald's.
3) It has been so windy for a few days now, birds keep getting into our wood stove 'chimney' and can't get out. We really need to cover it a bit better. :-/

Moving on! My first tournament army got its first real test last night, playing against my wife.

As a refresher- my army:
Marro Stingers x3 180
Crixus 270
Krav Maga Agents 370
Raelin (ROTV) 450
Major Q10 600

She had:
Sir Denrick 100
Sir Gilbert 205
4th Line x2 345
Tarn Vikings 395
Agent Carr 495
Airborn Elite 605

We played...

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