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Elf Army Toasts Again Battle Report

Posted December 4th, 2008 at 11:33 AM by NamibianScaper
Me :
Ulginesh* 150
Chardris 90
Jorhdawn 100
Arkmer 50
Acolarh* 80
Kyntela Gwyn 20
Emirroon 80
Warriors of Ashra x 3 150
Theracus 40

Wife :
Shiori* 60
Raelin rotv 80
Crixus 90
Krav Maga Agents 100
Tarn Viking Warriors 50
Nilfheim 185
Finn Viking Champ 80
Airborne Elite 110

Wife was sure she'd smash me in this game and I didn't bother arguing any differently. The map was the same as the last couple of reports--A wide map with a road down the middle. The teams start on either end of the road that crosses over a swampy part in the middle. A Wellspring overflowing a cliff into a waterfall sets the backdrop.

She started slowly with the Tarn Viking Warriors. I moved my Firepower Elves up to get quickly in range. As the Vikings were clumping on the step up to the bridge, I let loose the Rain of Flame. Three...

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