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KC's Bored at Work Scape Ramblings 1 - Sudema

Posted December 15th, 2009 at 10:38 AM by killercactus
I'm sitting here at my desk with absolutely nothing to do, so I thought I'd finally throw up a blog. I like to talk about Scape strategy, especially involving units that I feel haven't met their full potential. Sudema is one such unit.

Sudema has always been a weird kind of unit to me. First of all, her allegiance with Vydar makes very little sense. I know there's some backstory there involving Khosumet and Morsbane, but it just never sat well with me.

Anyway, in Heroscape she seems extremely weak. Her stats are straight-up terrible for her points, and Stare of Stone only hits one figure at a time. For 70 more points, Braxas can hit 3 figures with virtually the same reliability, and her stats are twice as good. It's almost like
Braxas is what Sudema was meant to be.

However, Sudema does have the ability to one-hit-kill Large and Huge figures just by rolling a 17 or higher. That's a 20% chance to kill Q9 in one Order Marker - I didn't crunch...

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