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Posted December 19th, 2010 at 07:24 AM by chas
One day when I was a boy in summer day camp, a bunch of us kids were climbing on a playground replica of Noah's Ark. I used the hand and foot holds in the side to get up to the top. On deck above was a level space where we children could walk in and out of a little cabin, and give each other congratulatory greetings on having made the climb. Then one would pass over to the other side to climb down again.

The problem was, coming down was not as easy for me that day. Although it couldn't have been all that high, I remember being frozen in terror, clamped to the side of the 'ship.' looking Way Down to the ground. Three camp counselors--I thought of them as authority figures then, but they must have been maybe in their early twenties--were gathered below keeping an eye on us. When they saw me hesitating, thereby blocking any of the other kids from getting down too, they called out a few suggestions. The first ones were probably sound, caring, helpful ideas, as I was too high...

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