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At Last . . .

Posted November 16th, 2010 at 03:34 PM by kolakoski
Well met!

The Gang of Four is, finally, playing Pirates!


this Friday, 11/19/10. I'm so excited! Many of you have posted of your experiences playing it, but, other than a simulation with chas (which proved that it works ), I have yet to play it with teams. chas and Taeblewalker (Captain Eltahale and the Andromeda Ascendant) will be opposed by Sherman and I (Captain Kaemon and the Kuro Kumori), each player with 750 points. When we were going to play earlier, at 500 points apiece and six players, Sherman was going to field Mindflayers and Raelin. Assuming he is still 'flayer heavy, and I field Captain Kaemon, Mogrimm, Ana, and Thorgrim, which of the following would you use to fill out the remaining 330 points, and why?

Kee-Mo-Shi, Crixus, [Moriko][Migol] or

Alastair, Rhogar, [Migol][Moriko] or

Alastair, Migol, Moriko or

Sudema, Finn, Migol...

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