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How to kill rats for 90 points or less

Posted September 9th, 2010 at 10:43 PM by Filthy the Clown
Everyone needs a pied piper.

Although deathreaver screen appear to be on a slight decline (despite the fact that Dok's 2010 GenCon championship army included 3 squads of them, only 18% of the Gencon Championship Day 1 armies utilized rats), there is still a demand for an anti-rat strategy in competitive builds; with that in mind, one should plan on including a special attack or ability that will eradicate rats while preventing Scatter. Of course, there are entire builds that have anti-rat capability by default (for example, Grut builds that rely on disengagement bonuses)...But what do you do when you have 90 points left, and you need that bolt-on, special attack to combat the deathreavers? Your options include:
  • Wyrmlings 30/35 points
    Red/Black wyrmlings are ideal for anti-squad capability. You need two to get your points worth via Wyrmling Bonding.
  • Fire Elemental 35 points
    Searing Intensity grants on FE a 35% chance to auto-kill

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