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The Dungeon Crawl Tournament Problem

Posted December 30th, 2009 at 02:49 PM by Xn F M
Originally Posted by Xn F M View Post
Originally Posted by Toad Rocket View Post
Jotun: You heard me! In a hero heavy game Jotuns attack and high life should be a smashing success. Also has a multi-attack. Eight attack dice should chop down a Feral troll pretty fast.
Thats 485 ponts.
I know Ullar doesn't have alot going on in the single-general dungeon crawl, but Jotun, really? I don't see that pary making it past the first room with a ranged squad in it ~50% of the time. (In a party vs party scenario you might have something though . . .hmmm . . . party vs party scenario .)
I'm sort of following up on myself here but the idea of party vs. party scenarios seems to me like it might be a decent solution to the problem of how you create a dungeon crawl style tournament. The way I see it there are a few basic issues that need to be solved to make a dungeon crawl style tournament possable:

1) One player is playing the adventuring party, and the other covers the local baddies. The party needs to pick up stuff to increase...
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