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Me and the Marro Part I

Posted October 1st, 2008 at 04:10 PM by Roland
It did not start with the Marro Warriors in the ROTV masterset, but with their self proclaimed warlord, Ne-Gok-Sa. A hefty defense, an awesome sculpt, and an amazing ability, I was hooked. This was August of 2007 (Hard to believe I have only been playing a year!)

The original masterset had me hookes, and I was wanting more, so I talke dto an old friend that had a collection, he sold it to me for $40. It came with a couple wave one, two, and three expansions, a Raknar's Vision, RttFF, and of course another ROTV. Now I had Su-Bak-Na who is a high contender on my list of favorite Marro, due to his awesome mount, and again an awesome ability, he helped me mindshackle and clone! At this point I had one squad of drones, then I got my SOTM, it was amazing! All those Marro, all for me to control on the battlefield, stingers, which were immediately my favortie ranged unit (Unless I got to build a swamp map, then the drudge got even more play time!). A few months passed and all of a sudden wave 2 shows up at my local Wally-World, I picked up 5 more Drones and Minions packs for my armies, so at this point I had 6 sets of drones, 10 sets of drudge and stingers, along with my hivelords, warlords and miscellaneous components. It was time for a campaign...

(To be continued!)
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you got to love the marro
Posted February 24th, 2009 at 11:14 AM by gmartin gmartin is offline
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