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Jamaica Funk - and My Return to 'Scaping . . .

Posted February 6th, 2019 at 11:47 AM by kolakoski
Updated February 6th, 2019 at 12:43 PM by kolakoski

Well met!

Tigress II
(Our hotel)

Having spent 7 weeks in sunny Jamaica (11/30/18 - 1/23/19), although still recovering from our Jamaica Funk, we are jumping right back into 'Scape.

First up, Hosting the NYCG4 in a Pod Draft Tourney.

For this event, players will submit two pods. Each pod may contain up to 250 points, and may not contain more than 12 hexes of figures per pod. No Marvel, VC alowed plus Kha (kolakoski's SoV candidate). Valhalla Society rules (no guns). The combined point total of both pods cannot be more than 500 points. The pods cannot share any figures. The pods of both players are pooled together for a draft, and there is a dice off. The winner of the dice off can choose to draft first, or defer. The draft is 1-2-1 style. The two pods drafted by each player are played together against the two pods drafted by the other player in a standard kill 'em all game.

Been testing various hero armies with advice from an experienced pod draft tourney player, Chris Perkins. He told me he has usually taken

Sir Gilbert/KoW x 2
Tornak/Heavy Gruts x 2

to such events, so I have been testing my armies with his. My latest:

120 Asterios*, 80 Prince al'Kahora, 50 Iskra
130 Viceron, 80 Kumiko, 40 Siiv

*Asterios' arrival (via Amazon) has been delayed. If he does not arrive in time for gameday, I'll be fielding Siege in his stead.

This is a great format for outlier Unique Heroes that don't fit in classic builds. I believe I've created a balanced pair of armies both against each other and against common squads.

Been playing on one of the maps we'll be using, Flash_19's Venom.

It took very little time to build, and uses very little terrain (as I thought looking at its VS picture). Looks cool in my living room. I'm mucking around with it pre-mini-tourney, but the real reason I built it is to take it to Maryland for my granddaughter's birthday, on 2/15.

From June 30, 2018:

To my surprise and delight, not only has my granddaughter taken to the game, but two of her girlfriends came over last night, and we played 'til the wee hours a draft game from among figures the girls liked - my granddaughter and I against her two friends (one of whom had come over and played two nights previously (taught by my granddaughter), and understood it well enough to coach her teammate). The whole thing, drafting cards teaching the game, etc., took a lot of time, and we didn't finish, but they all had a wonderful time.

For Taleethascape, although she is no longer a newbie, her Maryland friends will be totally green, so I'll be bringing figures for a hero draft, similar to that I created for her and her friends when they started playing here in NYC.

Shurrak, Othkurik, Frost Giant, Werewolf Lord,
Torin, Mogrimm, Migol, Alastair,
Sir Denrick, Mindflayer, Pulverizer, Estivara

I have lots of new figures to select from for this trip . . .

P.S.: I had a dream . . .

It's my birthday (3/31), and I have begun traveling to McAllen, Texas to free the Asylum Seekers.

I begin my journey alone, but along the way, I am joined by others who have heard of my quest . . .

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Last Minute Test

Well met!

Tested last night:

120 Siege, 80 Prince al'Kahora, 50 Iskra &
Sir Gilbert/KoW x 2


130 Viceron, 80 Kumiko, 40 Siiv &
Tornak/Heavy Gruts x 2

As suggested in his Book, Viceron (aided by Tornak having secured the Move +2 Glyph) charged into a small crowd (Sir Gilbert, Siege, and a couple KoW) and did massive damage, self-immolating with 3 Wounds on his second Bloodstorm. Siege is a poor substitute for Asterios in this context, I'm thinking. Meanwhile, Kumiko (with +2 Move) took the Initiative Glyph. Prince al'Kahora came out and took the Treasure Glyph (Disengage) before going after Kumiko. He was, in turn, pursued by Siiv . . . and I went to bed.

Posted February 7th, 2019 at 11:44 AM by kolakoski kolakoski is offline
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Asterios Absent - Siege Zzzzz

Well met!

At the risk of a little a little balance, I'm going at the last minute with

130 Viceron, 80 Prince al'Kahora, 40 Siiv
120 Bahadur, 70 Arthur of Sherwood, 60 Darren Ambershard

Posted February 8th, 2019 at 08:00 PM by kolakoski kolakoski is offline
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