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Gen Con Primer---Call for volunteers

Posted February 1st, 2012 at 11:02 PM by Onacara
Hey gang...I had mentioned in athread today something to the effect of putting together some sort of GenCon Primer for new attendees and even return attendees who may not have gotten the full GenCon Experience. I am far from a veteran which is why I am asking those seasoned Gen Con goers...and even those who may have only been there once or twice if you can help out with putting this together. Any advice you can offer would be great...places to eat/not eat...other events to check out...what to pack...pretty much anything. I will then compile it all and put it into one thread here as well as provide a printable PDF version of the guide for folks to print and take with them if they choose.

(for example purposes only)[/CENTER]

So with that being said...please email any contributions to this project to me at [email]racnrollgaming@gmail.com[/email] ...please make the subject [B]GenConPrimer[/B]...also be sure to include your Scaper handle in the email so I know who you are and can put you in the contributors list.

I would like to get this compiled and up by the first week in March if not sooner. :)

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dok's Avatar
1) In the days preceding Gencon, hang around sick people and try to sleep as little as possible.

2) Pick a bad route to the airport and check your bag for your flight at the last possible minute. Oh, and make sure to put your figures in the checked bag. And your badges and tickets - definitely check those too.

3) On the subject of badges, don't worry so much about wearing yours. The guys at the door are usually pretty cool about waving you in if you just tell them you forgot it.

4) Can't decide on an army? Just play rats! The more the better. Everybody loves rats.
Posted February 2nd, 2012 at 12:37 AM by dok dok is offline
elvenwizard9's Avatar
At large tournaments like the ones at GenCon, what percentage of armies use rats in the main event?
Posted February 2nd, 2012 at 07:02 AM by elvenwizard9 elvenwizard9 is offline
dok's Avatar

Last year, 4 of 72 armies in the main event had rats. One of those four made the top 16 (i.e. qualified for the day 2 single-elimination).

The year before, 12 of 72 armies had rats. Two of those twelve made top 16.

I don't have complete army stats for years before 2010.
Posted February 2nd, 2012 at 10:20 AM by dok dok is offline
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