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Two Temples

Posted April 23rd, 2010 at 10:29 PM by AliasQTip
Iíve been simultaneously working on several map ideas in the past few weeks (months really). Two of which Iím especially fond of are modeled after ancient temples. The maps are very different and vary greatly in both design and build. Hereís a taste of whatís coming soon.

Runaís Unholy Temple


First up, itís Runaís temple. Styled after a Greco-Roman era temple, this symmetrical map is easy to build but still fun to play on. The one drawback is the build is kind of fragile especially a road tile that is suspended from the smaller castle-walk section. I use a binder clip to secure it in place.

There is a central pool with a small 2-hex island in the middle. Here two random glyphs are placed. The glyph pool will consist of Astrid, Dagmar, Gerda, and Valda. Taking this position is difficult. Holding it, even harder.

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