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Customs Creation - April 2016

Posted April 4th, 2016 at 01:14 PM by HS Codex

Tandem Designs Part 2:
The Practice
by Son of Arathorn

Last time around, I discussed the theory of Tandem Designs. To recap, when you design a faction, or even just two units with synergy, following the Tandem Design principle means that you settle on the relationship between the two (or more) units before hammering out the hard details. That relationship can consist of bonding, buffs, or having each unit cover the otherís weak spots. For instance, Grimnak gives the Blade Gruts a much-needed boost to their attack and defense, and, in return, they give him multi-attack potential via bonding.

Today, Iím going to take us through a rough sketch of what designing in tandem looks like. For my example, Iím going to use two of my own customs: Grondos the Mighty, and Allahar the Swift. Mind you, these guys arenít finished yet

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