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D2-D3 12 army Round Robin

Posted January 20th, 2011 at 08:59 AM by killercactus
Updated January 24th, 2011 at 09:18 AM by killercactus
Hey all.

This Saturday night I'll be having a 4 player, 3-round Round Robin tournament. Each player will play one game against each other player. Each player will receive one of the following 12 armies at random. After the first round, the lowest finisher (by record and then full-card losing points) gets to select another army from the 8 remaining, then the next player, and so on. Eventually all 12 armies will be played. Each army features units from D2 and D3 (though there's a little bit of support from D1 and Classic sprinkled in). Assume the players are of close or equal skill (they might be exactly equal because I might be playing this myself). There will be one lava map and one tundra map, and at least one of them will have an ample amount of dungeon / shadow. Which armies do you think will come out on top?

Fire Titans
Moltenclaw - 170
Greenscales x3 - 350
Shurrak - 510

Bad Moon on the Rise
Werewolf Lord x2 - 280
Wolves of Badru x3 - 520

Relentless Assault
Sir Hawthorne - 90
Venoc Warlord - 210
Death Knights of Valkrill x3 - 390
Theracus - 430
Zetacron - 490
Dumutef Guard - 515

Goblin Swarm
Goblin Cutters x3 - 150
Horned Skull Brutes x3 - 375
Frost Giant of Morh - 515

Death Pursuit
Death Chasers of Thesk x4 - 220
Nerak - 270
Ogre Pulverizer - 370
Ogre Warhulk - 520

Scarcarving Demons
Mezzodemons x6 - 390
Evar Scarcarver - 500
Marcu - 520

Warforged Hunting Party
Heirloom - 90
Siege - 210
Warforged Soldiers x2 - 370
Major Q10 - 520

Wyrmling Swarm
Blue Wyrmling x3 - 105
Red Wyrmling x3 - 225
Black Wyrmling x5 - 375
White Wyrmling x5 - 525

New Beasties
Arrow Gruts x3 - 120
Krug - 240
Ice Troll Berserker x2 - 410
Swog Rider x4 - 510

Elementaly, My Dear Watson
Kurrok - 120
Fire Elemental x4 - 260
Water Elemental x4 - 380
Air Elemental x2 - 440
Earth Elemental x2 - 510

League of Shadows
Pelloth - 100
Deepwyrm Drow x3 - 310
Mika Connour - 420
Mindflayer Mastermind - 520

Reptiles and Goliath
Fen Hydra x2 - 240
Eltahale - 360
Rhogar Dragonspine - 470
Sahuagin Raider x2 - 520

Angry Miners
Mogrimm Forgehammer - 120
Migol Ironwill - 230
Darrak Ambershard - 290
Otonashi - 300
Axegrinders x3 - 510

Phantom Redemption
Sir Dupuis - 150
Phantom Knights x5 - 500
Drow Chainfighter - 525

Predatorial Instincts
Sujoah - 185
Wyvern - 285
Fyorlag Spiders x3 - 405
Master of the Hunt - 545
Total Comments 20


I think Morsbane+Theracus would be a good combo to threaten Q9. Fly over the Deathreavers (or whatever) and engage the Major with both units, then either negate away or take out the rest of his army with the Mezzos.
Posted February 2nd, 2011 at 03:15 PM by Elginb Elginb is offline
killercactus's Avatar
Played the other 2 rounds of the quarterfilnals last night. I've moved up to 2-2 on my predictions. I was going to play through all of it, but some C3V playtesting got in the way.

The Deathchasers faced the Death Knights, and again the Death Knights outperformed my expectations, even though Sir Hawthorne was killed by Orcs and a Pulverizer killed him before he even got a chance to attack after he rode Theracus towards them. Mittens followed, and the Death Knights went to work on the Orcs, who were rolling 0 or 1 defense dice most of the game. Mittens killed a few Orcs before dying, and the Dumutef took over a choke point, holding off the Deathchasers for quite some time. By the time the Death Knights were gone, so were the Deathchasers. Zetacron was left against the 3 heroes, but a whiff from the Pulverizer finished off the Lumbering Bully (it is funny when he knocks himself out), and a 3/3 skull attack on the charging Warhulk put 5 quick wounds on him, and Zeta scored 2 more before he engaged him. He did one wound, Zeta missed, and then he rolled 1 skull, and Zeta whiffed. For fun, I played it out if Zeta had blocked, and he killed the Ogre on the next turn and killed Nerak in one shot to follow, and would have won. The Deathchasers win with a 1-life Warhulk and Nerak left.

The second game featured the Drow against the Phantom Knights on Northern Ruins. Mika led off to get a couple more shadow spaces onto the map, and Dupuis charged out into the shadow with some Phantoms. The MFM moved up, Enslaved Mika, and she ran over and attacked Dupuis for 8(!) dice, but only got 1 wound through. The MFM was on fire early, hitting Enslave multiple times and removing multiple OMs from the Phantoms, but the Knights eventually flew over and wounded him, and Dupuis tactically disengaged and finished him off, after Mika had been whittled down to 1 life remaining. Dupuis had 2 life and was drinking from his Chalice, and also found a Healing Potion. Before he got to drink that, however, a Drow stabbed him and the poison seeped into his veins, killing him. The Drow did their best to stick to the shadows, but Hide in Darkness probably wasn't working as much as it should. The Phantom's numbers, mobility and extra defense were too much for the overwhelmed Drow, and they went down. Pelloth made a pretty decent last stand; though he failed Lolth's Wrath when he had a shot to destroy 2 PKs with the last remaining Drow, he probably killed 4-5 Phantom Knights himself with his normal attack before going down. Phantoms win with 5 PK's and the traitorous Chainfighter left.

So, the pairings for the next round are:

#2 Death Pursuit vs. #3 Scarcarving Demons*
#8 Wyrmling Swarm vs. #4 Phantom Redemption*

The Deathchasers, as the highest remaining seed, chooses to play on If You Can Take the Heat, in order to take advantage of the Jungle Trees and lava. Despite this, I like the Mezzodemons to take them out. Even though the Wyrmlings completely ignore Insubstantial, have the range advantage and numbers, and nearly match the PK's mobility, I've gotta go with that extra activation per turn, and Dupuis' ability to ignore the Black and Red specials. If the Mezzos do win, they'll certainly be pulling for the Phantoms....

I'm enjoying myself running this solo-scape tournament. I think I might have to do a 64 army March Madness tournament with brackets.... maybe I'll even give out a prize to the person with the best bracket....
Posted February 3rd, 2011 at 07:37 AM by killercactus killercactus is offline
Updated February 3rd, 2011 at 10:32 AM by killercactus
killercactus's Avatar
The tournament is finally over. I finished my predictions at 3-4 since I didn't predict the first round.

First I played Wyrmlings vs. Phantoms on Northern Ruins. I was completely shocked at how well the Wyrmlings did in this game - again. The Reds and Blacks just SHREDDED through PK's in this one. The 3 Reds in the army probably killed 6 PK's themselves, and the Blacks killed a bunch. By the time I had to activate a Blue or White, the game was pretty much already over. Not much else to say - Wyrmlings win with 5 White and 3 Black left.

Next was Deathchasers against Mezzodemons. Without a Special Attack, the Deathchasers were in for an uphill battle. What's worse, when one of the Mezzos was surrounded, I would just let it die and deny the Deathchasers attacks. The Mezzos only had to wound the Pulverizer once - it took 4 wounds from Lumbering Bully and 1 from lava over the course of the game (again, knocking himself out). The Mezzos were also able to maneuver the Warhulk into a spot where he had to risk attacking Nerak, which he did and killed him, so the Mezzos didn't have to kill him either. Mezzos win with only 3 dead Mezzos and even 5 Exo markers left. Had I just kept using markers, I probably would've never lost a demon.

The Mezzos had home field advantage, so they chose to face the Wyrmlings on If You Can Take the Heat, which was a good choice for them. I still picked the Wyrmlings, expecting the Reds and Blacks to do enough damage so that the Whites and Blues could clean up, them having far superior mobility on this rather hilly map, and knowing that the Exo markers would probably never be used. However, I grossly underestimated Poison Cloud, and the dice were heavily in the Mezzos favor. Their attacks were just too strong, and the Reds and Blacks didn't kill Mezzos quick enough to keep up. Plus, I noticed that when I really needed kills from the Wyrmlings in my other games, I could turn to normal attacks from Blues, and high ground normals from the mobile and stalwart Whites, but that wasn't the case here. I knew I couldn't get through the markers fast enough, so I had to rely on their 2-die specials, which weren't strong enough against high-ground or jungle-hiding demons. Mezzos win with probably 5-6 Mezzos dead. Scarcarver and Isamu never saw an Order Marker in this tourney since the first round against the Goblins.

Winner - Scarcarving Demons (Mezzodemons x6, Evar Scarcarver, Isamu)
Posted February 3rd, 2011 at 11:37 PM by killercactus killercactus is offline
*shiver* the Mezzos are pretty scary. Fun Tourney!
Posted February 4th, 2011 at 10:52 AM by Elginb Elginb is offline
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