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10 years a knockin'

Posted April 12th, 2014 at 04:38 PM by flameslayer93
Wow, someone on the boards pointed out that HS been out for 10 years now. This game is insane! Between making maps, playing games, crafting customs, and all other 'Scape related things, it's been a wild ride. I remember playing while I was 13, but I'm pretty sure I was younger when I first got the stuff. I still remember special attacks working against Krav Maga Agents, and how Counterstrike was something like a Special Attack. Building Migol's Tomb from RotV and having Mimring and Grimnak attack my cousin and I's little fortress of units. The glyph of Ivor would grant all of your units +4 to range, and how Valda still granted the +2 bonus when you left it. As you can tell, we really didn't read the book until later on. XD

This eventually led to me getting a ton of the stuff for Christmas. I think that mighta been while I was 13? It was great, I had gotten an RotV, a SotM, some Wave 2 and the entire set of Wave 6! Bringing my old RotV (missing so many odds and ends) over,...
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