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"The Badger named Alfonzo"

Posted January 2nd, 2009 at 05:03 PM by Fuzzie Fuzz
Taking a leaf out of xkcd's most probably PG13 blag, I am posting a list of zero-hit Google searches.
  • "the badger named Alfonzo"
  • "I am but a lowly sultan"
  • "Your mom's so absolutely normal"
  • "I traded my soul for Heroscape"
  • "you're turning chartreuse"
  • "Jesus ate my cats"

Apparently non-original:
"Search" - # of Hits - Note
  • "Edgar Allen Tinky Winky" - 1
  • "ate a tuba" - 2
  • "Get off my internets" - 2,910
  • "Omnicron babies" - 2 - Coincidentally, these had nothing to do with Heroscape. One was a link to a Facebook page for a Virginia Tech Pledge Class, and the other was a FB Groups directory...
  • "I think I'm in love with a toaster" - 1
  • "a knife in the ear" - 9

Coincidentally, when searching for "Get off my internet, noobs!" I got no hits, but...
Originally Posted by Google
No results found in your selected language(s)

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