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Moonscape Castle!

Posted October 28th, 2014 at 05:26 PM by kolakoski
Updated November 5th, 2014 at 09:29 AM by kolakoski
Well met!

The Gang of Four is gathering at my home on 11/5/14 to play a scenario of my devising - "Moonscape Castle!"

Moonscape Castle!

As the death cry of the last Hero was drowned out by the victorious roar of the Orcish horde, Baron Zemo motioned for the wizard to end his scrying projection.

"You fools! You really thought that we would not find out what happened to those you summoned before us? We will not allow you to throw away our lives as you did theirs.
When Worlds Collide #3 Battle Report.]

We will help you to settle your petty disputes - after you agree to our terms."

The Generals' ambassador smiled. "Of course, dear Baron! But we have no need to hire all of you. I propose a little test . . ."

The Map.

The map contains the Castle, with a mostly lit upper Gallery (Walkway hexes), and a mostly unlit Courtyard (Sand hexes), numerous Light Posts, and 4 Regeneration Stations - all on Valhalla's moon.

The Armies.

Armies will consist of 750 points worth of units - 1 Super Villain (200 points or less), with the remaining points being
Delta+ Classic/VC. Start Zones will be 24 spaces.

Start Zones are the white (Road) areas outside the Castle.

For example, an army containing Baron Zemo (Helmut, 200 points) would have 550
Delta+ points left with which to draft units.

Expedient Alliances.

The pair of players on each end will be considered to be allied, and their units "friendly" to one another (players may not attack each other and may move freely through each others' units), for the first 3 Rounds. Victory Points will still be awarded separately for each player.

Low Gravity.

Valhalla's moon has roughly a third of the mass of Valhalla itself. To reflect this, each level climbed costs 1/3 of a movement point (rounding up to the nearest whole number - i.e., 5 levels costs 2 movement points). Add 3 to all units' height for the purposes of climbing and falling damage.

High Winds.

Constant Storms sweep across the Moonscape, bringing with them high winds. To reflect this, Flying is considered impossible (prohibited).

Light Post illumines with a range of 2 spaces.

Light Posts.

This scenario takes place on a Valhalla-less night. All spaces within 2 clear LoS spaces of a Lamp Post are lit. All unlit spaces are in Deep Shadow. All units in Deep Shadow receive 3 extra Defense dice against non-adjacent Attacks.

The Contract.

The Super Villains are to be provided with all the powers and privileges of generals native to this universe. To reflect this, each player's Super Villain may be assigned a General, Species, Class, and Personality, in addition to its own. For example, Baron Zemo could be designated as an Utgar Ferocious Orc Champion, and Bond with Gruts (Blade or Heavy), and benefit from Nerak's Orc Defensive Aura.

Regeneration Station

Means of regeneration are to be provided to insure the continued existence of each Super Villain, even after being destroyed. To reflect this, each player may choose any vacant Regeneration Station at which his/her Super Villain may reappear, immediately upon being destroyed. Any Spirits or Markers on its card are regenerated along with the Super Villain itself.

Victory Conditions.

The player with the most Victory Points after 9 Rounds wins. Victory Points ("VPs") are awarded as follows:

1 VP is awarded to a player each time he destroys a Super Villain (multiple VPs may be awarded for the repeated destruction of the same Super Villain).

1 VP is awarded to the player having the most units on the Gallery (the Walkway hexes) at the end of each Round (9 total).

If players are tied for the most VPs, the player that killed the most Super Villains wins. If there is still a tie, it remains a tie, and the tied players win jointly. (Theoretically, all 4 players could win jointly.)

When I fight in Delta+, it just feels right!

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