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Dallas/Fort Worth EPIC Game Day II--Map Sections (3 of 3)

Posted January 27th, 2009 at 11:35 PM by DrLivingston
Rym, CheddarLimbo and myself all met and played at Funrun's EPIC Gameday summer of '08.

We had a blast and were inspired to throw another one this winter of '09.

Of course we had to make things more complicated...

For those interested, here are the Rules&Procedures, Legions, and Map Sections (all 4) for our EPIC event.

The Glacier Fortress:


Map I - The Glacier Fortress

"This forgotten fortress of the north has been slowly consumed by an advancing glacier for centuries. Only recently rediscoverd by an Utgar scouting party, the foreboding castle has already garnered a terrible reputation as a cursed and haunted place. Sir Hawthorne, the bloody handed traitor of Weston himself, came here searching for artifacts of power and never returned. Looking at the frost covered stairs and listening to the wind...

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