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March Releases - Soulborgs

Posted April 1st, 2009 at 03:00 AM by NamibianScaper
Heroscape has been really really slow since the time destroyer, also known as my new baby girl, came into the house. We haven't been doing much of anything game-wise.

I thought we would even miss this month's releases but managed to slip in one game last week, the only game of the month.

Warden 816
Deathreavers x2

Warden 816.:
He's got a little bit of synergy value, a little thematic value, and Evisceraxe--one of the greatest specials in the game. I am partial toward all figures with a 5 attack or higher. Roll it into the special ability of a figure with a nice ranged attack and he's set. Warden 816 has an interesting look: Smallish and gold-faced, a little like Destro with horns. Great coat. Looking forward to some more games with this guy and more guys from this theme.

To me, these are the ugliest figures in the game. Humongous (for dogs, even...
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