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This is a neater way of storing my playtests for my customs that I want other people to be able to see. I mostly intend on posting about units that I'd like to submit to the SoV.
Masha Shingai A demon Samurai that instills terror in the hearts of everyone.

Yokai vs. Honor Guard

Posted January 23rd, 2021 at 04:59 PM by Astroking112
This was another early game of the initial Yokai faction that I had run. This was closer to where I started learning just how weird and game-warping Shapeshift could be, and the amazing ways to mess with your opponent through it.

No glyphs or special scenario rules.
Astro: Masha Shingai, Abe no Seimei (130), Kincho (60, 3L/4D), Nure Onna (70) (370)
Dawn: Honor Guard of the Blasted Lands x4, Akumaken (370)

Versions of Yokai Used

3x Honor Guard
~65 Points

Dawn won initiative and led Akumaken into the fight. Meanwhile, I decided to overextend with Nure Onna, nabbing height through the central water to attack down on him with four attacks of 4, dealing 4 wounds and taking no Counter Strike damage. Dawn then engaged Nure Onna with the Honor Guards, but failed to deal any damage. My next turn, I had a fully-charged Nure Onna...
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Yokai vs. Raptorians

Posted January 23rd, 2021 at 04:51 PM by Astroking112
Updated January 23rd, 2021 at 05:14 PM by Astroking112
This was one of the earlier tests that I ran of the Yokai as a whole (the first published post in this category is actually the most recent one, truth be told :embarrassed. The most notable change from their latter incarnations is Nure Onna, who was recently significantly redesigned.

No glyphs. Played with special Healing Waters scenario rules from the map instructions.
Astro: Masha Shingai, Abe no Seimei (130), Kincho (60, 3L/4D), Nure Onna (70) (370 Points)
Dawn: Beakface Sneaks x3, Quorik Warwitch, Beakface Rogue x2, Nottingham Brigand x2, Tarn Viking Warriors (370)

Versions of Yokai Used

Abe no Seimei (1 wound), Nure Onna (unwounded)
~175 Points Left

Nure Onna led out the game by moving immediately into the central healing waters, shifting with Seimei, and then moving back to nab height on a Sneak that had moved in for the...
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Yokai vs. Hounds and TETSUUUUOOOOO

Posted January 23rd, 2021 at 03:23 PM by Astroking112
Updated January 23rd, 2021 at 04:27 PM by Astroking112
I was running a series of games a while ago with my girlfriend to test various AotV units (read: the Velnesh Alphas), but I went ahead and ran another game with the strong version of Tetsuo against a Yokai build featuring the Kirin.

Spoiler Alert!

500 Points
Glyphs: Knowledge, Recall, Healing
Dawn: Abe no Seimei, Masha Shingai, Kincho, Nure Onna (revision for 20 points), Kirin
Astro: Tetsuo Tyrell, Marrden Hounds x4, Guilty McCreech

Spoiler Alert!
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Masha's Samurai Spectacular vs. Marro Hodgepodge

Posted April 11th, 2020 at 11:00 AM by Astroking112
With the recent buffs to Masha, I wanted to make sure that he didn't become too good with the Unique Samurai. Dawn wanted to try out some more Marro units, so we created a hodgepodge of them for her to use and test out Masha against some decent ranged units.

ARCTIC DIVIDE by UranusPChicago

Glyphs: Lodin (D20 +1), Ulaniva (Unique Attack +1)
Astro: Masha Shingai, Tomoe Gozen, Tagawa Samurai, Kozuke Samurai, Izumi Samurai (500)
Dawn: Marro Stingers x3, Marro Gnids x2, Marrden Nagrubs x2, Su-Bak-Na (500)
(Dropped 1 Nagrub to fit 24 hexes)

Dawn mostly led with the Stingers, throwing in a few Gnid turns every so often to keep them as an extra threat. The developing Samurai suffered a handful of whiffs early on, losing a Kozuke and Tagawa, but otherwise their defense held strong. Because Ulaniva was on the other side of the map and Dawn's army was much faster than my own, I made my way for Lodin and slowly...
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Buffer Masha vs. Mohicans

Posted April 4th, 2020 at 10:22 PM by Astroking112
I wanted to test out Masha's buffs from the other end, so I asked Leo to take him for a spin. Did I have ulterior motives in wanting to play something other than Samurai for once? Probably.

FOSSIL by R˙chean
Glyphs: Login (Lucky Twenty-Sider), Dagmar (Initiative +8 )
Astro: Mohican River Tribe x4, Brave Arrow, Venoc Warlord (450 Points)
Leo: Masha Shingai, Raelin, Tagawa Samurai Archers x4 (450 Points)

Spoiler Alert!

The game was called the round after Masha died (about four or five into the game) to save on time. The following units were left:
8x TSA
~175 Points Left for the Samurai

5x MRT, Brave Arrow (2 wounds), Venoc Warlord
~260 Points Left for the Native Americans

There was a noticeable slowness to the entire Samurai army the first round (Leo spent two Order Markers...
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