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This is a neater way of storing my playtests for my customs that I want other people to be able to see. I mostly intend on posting about units that I'd like to submit to the SoV.
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Seishin vs. Knights + Gilbert

Posted November 9th, 2019 at 09:27 PM by Astroking112
Updated November 23rd, 2019 at 02:42 AM by Astroking112
TICALLAN TOWER by Sir Heroscape

Glyphs: Recall, Wannok (Wound)
Astro: Tagawa Samurai Archers x5, Seishin Samurai x3, Raelin (495)
Odzaepher: Knights of Weston x3, Sir Gilbert, Sir Dupuis, Eldgrim the Viking Champion (495)

Note: Seishin Samurai played as Uncommon Heroes with 3 life. No other changes to the design yet.

6x Seishin Samurai, 1x Seishin Samurai (1 wound)
~140 Points Left

I set up a pod to the left near Wannok, but Odzaepher’s knights reached it first. I was still able to position Raelin and stop him from reaching her thanks to a well-placed Seishin, though, and I left this pod up for the majority of the game. Odzaepher managed to whittle down my forces some with Wannok and revive a knight with Recall, but I managed to claim a 7-hex pod on height with my TSA and Raelin, which he struggled to break.

After the knights and Gilbert were mostly finished, I was able to claim Wannok finally. Sir Dupuis went on a rampage and got a good number of kills, but he couldn’t turn the tides on his own.

Spawned to move in front of Raelin as the knights sped their way forward. Took 1 wound from a knight to disengage.
A second spawned to block my side of the road from Sir Dupuis next round. Killed the engaged knight with 3/4 CS.
Final one spawned when Sir Dupuis charged in and obliterated one of my TSA.

Got an OM next turn to activate three of them. Killed two knights and put 1 wound on Sir Dupuis.
(3/6) against (3/5) from Dupuis.
Got two more OMs for another three activations each. All attacks blocked.

One got killed by a boosted Dupuis from height.
Another got killed in the same fashion after Dupuis disengaged from a different Seishin (safe) to kill it.

Well, this version lacked most of the fun factor from the previous design. Part of the appealing factor of the Seishin in the past was that they were a cheaper, more expendable addition to balance out the Samurai more. Bumping them up to each have more life and only spawn once at the same cost just didn't have the same feel.

3 life was also too high for 30 points, of course, even though they're so limited. I mostly wanted to see how it would feel against a melee army, and though I'd still say it's a bit too good right now, the Seishin did very little work this game. Most of the progress I made was only from the Raelin and TSA pod, which made for a disappointing showing. They were able to tie down Dupuis a bit, but his boost to disengage rolls ensured that they rarely did anything.

Furthermore, I quite dislike how Wave of Fear felt here with them being Uncommon. It lost the tension of placing a hidden OM on a single Seishin card, and with each Seishin becoming individually stronger, it feels very wrong for them to function this way. I know that there was concern in the past over "saving up" Seishin by running them away, but I could actually see that becoming a strategy with this kind of a change.

I suppose that it might just be a different playstyle wrought on by the changes and they now need to be taken at higher ratios to their squad, but that's one of the things that I have to avoid anyway. Whatever the case, this version pretty much kills the design.

I'll have to think over some more drastic tweaks to see if any of them actually work or not.
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