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This is a neater way of storing my playtests for my customs that I want other people to be able to see. I mostly intend on posting about units that I'd like to submit to the SoV.
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9. Eltris w/ Charos vs. Nilfheim (Rematch)

Posted March 6th, 2019 at 06:25 PM by Astroking112
As part of the recent C3V playtesting event that I ran, a couple of my friends offered to take some of my own customs that I was hoping to get submitted to the SoV. I wasn't able to play a game against anything of my own design, but it was nice to get them in the hands of others and to get their thoughts on them.

These two players in particular played rather quickly, since they were more familiar with the game than most of the other people, so they were able to get in two games on the same map before getting bored and abandoning the cause to play Smash Bros.

Volcarren Paradise by Robber
400 Points
Glyphs: None

Player 1: Eltris, Charos, Kelda the Kyrie Warrior, Tarn Viking Warriors
Player 2: Nilfheim, 2x 4th Massachusetts Line, Red Wyrmling, Black Wyrmling, Isamu

Current Version of Unit:
Spoiler Alert!

Game Summary:
I wasn't able to witness as much of this game, but as far as I'm aware, it somewhat followed the course of the last one. The Minutemen flanked left, taking out the Vikings early on and blasted Eltris out of commission. From there, it wasn't too difficult to keep Charos engaged and tied down while whittling down his health from safety.

Surviving Units:
They once again didn't record this, but from their description after the match they said that it was a closer battle than before, now that they each understood their armies more.

Player 1's Thoughts
He thought that Eltris did fairly well, but struggled against all of the ranged units with her low defense. Because he had so few figures, he was quickly outnumbered and once Charos got trapped, it was difficult to take full advantage of his Counterstrike.

Player 2's Thoughts
Having played against her for three games in total now, Player 2 thought that Eltris seemed pretty balanced. He thinks that the extra defense has good potential, but her low defense and OM-sink nature holds her back a good amount.

My Thoughts
Because Charos lacks the offensive capabilities of Nilfheim or the stronger dragons, he actually seems to pair less well with Eltris than I had expected. She can soak up a few hits like usual, but he already does that just fine and he struggles to protect her or to fully utilize the attack bonus.

Charos had been one of the main concerns when I was designing Eltris, but I think that by now it should be clear that she pairs much better with the better and more useful dragons. Charos is plenty strong enough as a beatstick already that you don't need to dump nearly 300 points on him to tack Eltris on, unless perhaps you're doing something weird like a mixed Marvel event. It's a neat option, but far from the strongest for her.
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