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This is a neater way of storing my playtests for my customs that I want other people to be able to see. I mostly intend on posting about units that I'd like to submit to the SoV.
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8. Eltris w/ Charos vs. Nilfheim

Posted March 6th, 2019 at 06:14 PM by Astroking112
As part of the recent C3V playtesting event that I ran, a couple of my friends offered to take some of my own customs that I was hoping to get submitted to the SoV. I wasn't able to play a game against anything of my own design, but it was nice to get them in the hands of others and to get their thoughts on them.

Volcarren Paradise by Robber
400 Points
Glyphs: None

Player 1: Eltris, Charos, Kelda the Kyrie Warrior, Tarn Viking Warriors
Player 2: Nilfheim, 2x 4th Massachusetts Line, Red Wyrmling, Black Wyrmling, Isamu

Current Version of Unit:
Spoiler Alert!

Game Summary:
Each player led with their dragons, with Player 2 able to take potshots from afar thanks to Nilfheim's Icy Breath. The Tarn Viking Warriors were also eliminated early on thanks to Nilfheim, leaving Player 1 with only his 345 points of Charos left.

Careful placement kept Charos from getting too close or from being able to get height, and by the time that he was able to engage Nilfheim, the 4th Massachusetts Line were in position and were able to Wait Then Fire away at Charos and his Dragon Rider. The duo could only hold out for so long, and with Kelda being Kelda, she somehow didn't manage to single-handedly annihilate the opposing army.

Surviving Units:
It looks like they didn't record this, but I remember seeing at least a full squad of 4th Massachusetts Line and Nilfheim still alive when Charos fell as I was walking around. I doubt that either Eltris or Kelda were able to do significantly more damage afterwards.

It didn't seem like it was a particularly close game, mostly thanks to how the 4th Mass. were able to blast Charos from relative safety.

Player 1's Thoughts
He thought that Eltris did well, and he mostly used her for the passive bonus to Charos. The extra spacing for her made it even more difficult to navigate the jungle map, though, which was one of his main problems with the army.

Player 2's Thoughts
He thought that she was fairly weak. The extra die wasn't too noticeable, but as a passive bonus, he didn't feel like it was a huge problem. He mostly felt like the map and army compositions favored him here.

My Thoughts
Player 1's army fell pretty heavily against Player 2, mostly due to the lack of range. Charos' already-high price kept the combo in check, especially since he wanted to take Kelda with him, resulting in sinking 345 points into an anti-melee single-attacking Unique Hero. In sub-500 point games, I'm not sure that Eltris is worth the investment over diversifying your army.
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