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Round 2 - January 2011 Lazy Laundry Tournament

Posted January 24th, 2011 at 12:17 PM by Elginb
Well, my powers of predestination continue to fail me as I guessed only 18 of 30 outcomes correctly.

I’m still on the kick of trying to use all terrain types in my maps, and the first map (for the first half of the draw) was a circular castle with high walls facing the start zones and “collapsed” walls in between the high walls. I used two castle arches (minus the doors) to make the high walls through which I ran a creek made of swamp and regular water. The north collapsed wall was surrounded by a lava field and the south collapsed wall was bordered by dungeon tiles. Outside the high walls were a couple jungle trees and a hill you could climb (with mounted battlements) that led to a ladder which would lead you to the top levels. There were patches of ice on top breaking up the wall-walk. Glyphs included the wind glyph, as well as the Move+4 treasure and another glyph and treasure I can’t quite remember (yikes!).

The second map (for the second half the draw)...
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