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Utterly Ullarly

Posted August 22nd, 2010 at 03:36 PM by ollie
Another tournament, another eight units, another samey blog tracking my slow progress in attempting to use all of the units.

RI Rampage yesterday---great fun! The format was to take two armies and the players simultaneously revealed which to play. Rolling Rumble meant there were plenty of games too.

Until Friday night I was set on taking the Elf Wizards and a Blades/Ornak/Tornak build. I realised that the Blades build was an unplayable shambles, so turned over ideas in my head overnight. I switched to the reliable rats-n-rubbish formula and made it an Ullarful day: Brandis, Jotun, Sonlen and rats x2. (Note: don't assemble your armies at 5am in the semi-darkness while drinking your first coffee unless you have a better storage system than mine---I went a game and a half using an Aubrien Archer instead of Brandis before anyone (including me) noticed.) The Elf Wizards were Ulginesh, Arkmer, Emirroon, Chardris and Jorhdawn with Raelin (RotV) giving support....

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