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3 Player Game on Dry Riverbed

Posted August 11th, 2008 at 12:24 PM by NamibianScaper
Wife's Team
Sonlen 160
Syvarris 100
Acolarh 110
Morsbane 100
Shaolin Monks 80
Saylind Kyrie 80
Charos 210

My Team
Nilfheim 185
Raelin 80
2 x Sentinels 220
2 x Templars 240
Sir Gilbert 105

Son's Team
Tor-Kul-Na 220
Su-Bak-Na 160
2 x Grubs 60
2 x Stingers 120
Kee-Mo-Shi 130
Dumutef Guard 25
Grimnak 120

We played this game using Fast Easy Heroscape rules on a simple map called "Dry Riverbed." I was inspired to make the map because we have a lot of dry riverbeds around here and I wanted to make something really nice and open for the Templar Cavalry. It was completely flat except for a few 2 or 3 high rock outcroppings along the edges.

Early game (no rounds):
I used Sir Gilbert to move the Sentinels toward glyphs.
Son moves in with Stingers first.
Wife couldn't really make up her mind who to use and was afraid of us.

The first big battle was between Nilfheim and Grimnak. Grimnak was my Sentinels' worst nightmare. In a couple games previous to this one, I used Grimnak to eat 5 out of 6 Sentinels on my son's team and I knew he was looking to get me back with the same move. I moved Nilfheim in early to counter that. He tried to take his mind over with Kee-Mo-Shi which stunningly failed every time so he tried on Sir Gilbert and kept failing.

Sometimes Saylind is a curse if you don't hurry up and use who she summoned. Wife used Saylind next to Acolarh to move way out into the map and wisely summoned Charos on top of a defense glyph, but then unwisely summoned Sonlen. She wasn't ready to take turns with Sonlen yet because her Monks had moved in to fight the Stingers. The Monks were having a terrible time with the Stingers, not being able to injure them while Son and I were fighting over Grimnak and Nilfheim.

Middle game:
Sir Gilbert killed the witch while the Sentinels kept slowly moving toward the other glyphs, away from Charos. Grimnak also died and I was beginning to feel sorry for Son except he still had his hivelords. He moved TKN and the grubs (zerglings anyone?) toward the middle and started going after the monks. He stomped those monks while the grubs climbed on a rock above Sonlen and started munching on him. Sonlen still hadn't moved and now he was engaged with two Grubs with height and some damages on. Instead of fighting back with Sonlen, wife moved in Morsbane to try and eliminate TKN. She had done this before with a roll of 20 and was going to the well again. This time didn't work out so good. TKN took Morsbane out and engaged Charos.

As I've mentioned in posts previous, Charos is Wife's favorite unit. She became bent on killing TKN with Charos. Thanks to Counterstrike and another good hit she did that but meanwhile Sonlen was devoured by the little grubs. The Stingers killed Nilfheim soon after that and I decided it was time to move in with the Cavalry. The Cavalry nailed the Dumutef Guard first and moved onto Su-Bak-Na. Son was getting distracted by his cousin and needed to be eliminated. Su-Bak-Na went down easily. Somewhere in the midst of this the Sentinels killed some grubs and the rest suicided on Charos' counterstrike.

End game:
Charos' counterstrike probably did the most damage of all this game. My Cavalry and an unlucky stinger drain finished off all of Son's army. Then it was just me and wife so I started charging at Charos with the Cavalry's full might. One of them was on an attack glyph and the rest rushed in for two or three turns. In the end, 5 of them died due to counterstrike. The very last one, still standing on the attack glyph, did manage to kill Charos finally. All the Cavalry had done great up to that point.

So now I've got Raelin, one Templar, all the Sentinels, and an injured Sir Gilbert. Wife has Saylind, Syvarris, and Acolarh, all uninjured. Raelin could not stay out of range so Syvarris picks off her, Sir Gilbert, and the last Templar while the much larger Sentinel force was moving in. They surrounded Syvarris and made him pay for his crimes. Last were six Sentinels versus Acolarh and Saylind. Saylind summoned Acolarh to high ground and waited. It didn't matter. The Sentinels' defense was impenetrable. While their offense was not as keen, they slowly but surely battered and bruised Ullar's heroes for the win.
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S1R_ART0R1US's Avatar
Cool-sounding game. That's one downside to those knights, counter-strike is a pain. Once they get longbowmen it will all be good though.
Posted August 12th, 2008 at 04:57 PM by S1R_ART0R1US S1R_ART0R1US is offline
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