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Coolest C3G Designs

Posted January 26th, 2015 at 02:44 PM by kolakoski
Well met!

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Comic Hero Custom Creations]

Favorite C3G designs and the Who is your favorite C3G design? series of polls, the first featuring the top 5 favorite designs of only C3G Heroes, Sidekicks and Allies, and the second polling in alphabetical sets of 10, are the only threads of their type for C3G that I know of. Since they were posted, from 2010-12, a myriad of new C3G units have been introduced. It's time for a new thread on the subject.

To mitigate somewhat the inevitable apples and oranges comparisons, I propose that we start by comparing units within chas' Character Levels:

Super A: Above 500 points (chas' Levels only go up to 500)

A: 351-500

B: 241-350

C: 201-240

D: 10-200

I'll be referring to my faves within dok's analysis of C3G armies to further describe my choices.
  • "Paper" = armies that seek to maximize activations and dice. Most superteams fall here (Green Lanterns, Wrecking Crew, Warriors Three, etc). So do most Enchantress builds and generic synergy builds like Iron Patriot and Ms. Marvel.
  • "Scissors" = armies that seek to disrupt and control their opponent's actions. Joker, Ozymandias, Mad Thinker, Puppet Master, Bizarro, Mastermind, Purple Man, Graviton, Magneto+Blob, Mr. Mxy, Angstrom, etc.
  • "Rock" = armies that try to bypass the opponent's powers and just do their thing. Almost all event hero-based armies fit here (Dark Phoenix, Anti-Monitor, Surtur, Satanus). So do a few other builds like massed White Martians.
Even as it is, there's a huge point differential within each category. Eschewing the most expensive, obvious choices, I'll start the ball rolling with these:

Super A: Mephisto

I haven't played with or against many of these super expensive guys in my limited C3G experience. Mephisto is, of course, a "Rock." Very cool mechanics, assuming there is a lot of killing going on around him.

A: Gravitron

I used Gravitron fairly recently, to great effect. He is definitely a "Scissors" unit that stops whole armies in their tracks - within 4 spaces.

B: Scarlet Spider (Kaine Parker)

A relative newcomer, this Scarlet Spider is notable for his "Paper[y]" Spider Stingers (identical to Moon Knight's Crescent Darts except for requiring adjacency) which bypass high Defenses.

C: Blade

Another "Paper" unit, with a potential 3 attacks, combining Daywalker with Silver Weapons, Daywalker being another means of bypassing huge Defenses.

D: Baron Zemo (Helmut Zemo)

I used him in the same army with Gravitron above. Another "Scissors" unit, in a minor way, but more of an OM manager. His Master Swordplay figured in one of the most memorable dramatic moments of my brief C3G experience, as the Baron leaped off a bridge and attacked and killed Hal Jordan's Green Lantern (only to fall moments later to an attack that would have left him alive but for the Wound he sustained from the leap).

Additional Coolness:

A: M.O.D.O.K.

Almost used him instead of Gravitron in the aforesaid action. I thought he might be too powerful. A really big "Rock" with a very cool "Scissors" mechanic (Psionic Command).

B: Archangel

"Paper" for sure, especially if there are a reasonable number of Normal Attacks.

C: X-23

Wolverine's lesser known, female counterpart can be a devastating "Paper" unit - with a little luck.

D: Angel (Liam)

This Angel is a "Paper" unit whose usefulness, even more than Archangel's, is dependent on there being a reasonable number of Normal Attacks.

Angel, Archangel, Blade, Scarlet Spider (Kaine Parker), and X-23 are all scheduled to appear in the Alien Invitational by Chas.

When I fight in Delta+, it just feels right!

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Tornado's Avatar
I like your first two picks.
Graviton in particular is someone I despise playing against.
He is just that good. Ghost Rider is a good counter.

I have to question Scarlet Spider being the lowest point figure in the range. There are plenty of awesome figures in that range. Personally I like Wendigo in a Frankenstein build. Lots of strong figures from 300-350.

Blade is pretty solid, though lots of good options in there.
Probably go Winter Soldier.

Baron Zemo is absolutely one of the best figures in C3G.

You really need to break the ranges in to 50's with so many figures floating around and the power level shift as you go up in points.
10-45, 50-95, 100-145, 150-195, 200-245, 250-295, 300-345, 350-395, 400-500, 505-800, 805+
Posted May 23rd, 2018 at 06:49 PM by Tornado Tornado is offline
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