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C3G Strategy - May 2017

Posted May 19th, 2017 at 02:57 PM by HS Codex

C3G Strategy Guide
Plastic Man
By: Ronin

Analyzed Statistics

Left Box Breakdown
Species Ė Metahuman
Uniqueness Ė Unique Hero
Class Ė Adventurer
Personality Ė Quirky
Size/Height Ė Medium 7

The only really notable thing here, synergy-wise, is Plastic Manís class of adventurer. The adventurers are one of the most formidable factions in C3G, which will certainly factor into Plastic Man army-building. Otherwise, thereís not much worth spending time on here.

Statistics Breakdown
Life Ė 5
Move Ė 4
Range Ė 2
Attack Ė 4
Defense Ė 6
Points Ė 145

Pretty decent stats on a budget here. A single attack of 4 isnít anything too special in C3G, but having just a little range helps, and his low move is augmented by Bounce-n-Stretch.

Powers Breakdown
Friendly figures do not take leaving engagement attacks from opponentsí figures that are engaged with Plastic Man.

This is the main thing Plastic Man has to offer his teammates; who doesnít like to disengage without risk?

After rolling defense dice against a normal attack from a non-adjacent enemy figure, you may choose a figure within 3 clear sight spaces of Plastic Man. All excess shields rolled count as unblockable hits on the chosen figure.

A nifty defensive ability that combines well with any way you can get him some extra defense dice. (Foreshadowing for the C3G newbies: this is really easy for adventurers.)

When counting spaces for Plastic Manís movement, ignore elevations. Plastic Man may Bounce-n-Stretch over water without stopping, Bounce-n-Stretch over figures without becoming engaged, and Bounce-n-Stretch over obstacles such as ruins. When Plastic Man starts to Bounce-n-Stretch, if he is engaged he will not take any leaving engagement attacks. After moving, if Plastic Man does not attack this turn, he may Bounce-n-Stretch 4 additional spaces.

Not quite last and certainly not least, Plastic Manís pseudo-flying special power. The extra movement on turns where he doesnít attack makes him easy to mobilize.

Super strength means that there are a few things that Plastic Man just doesnít have to worry about (falling damage among them, as well as a few special powers), but itís not too exciting.

In-Depth Analysis

Plastic Menace
First things first, letís talk Iím Rubber. Itís not a special power that directly helps Plastic Manís survivability, but it does keep him in the game longer by deterring ranged attackers from going after him. Being able to passively menace nearby figures means that, with clever positioning, Plastic Man can discourage foes from attacking him, or pressure them into engaging him. And of course, the more defense dice you can get for him, the more pronounced this effect is. Invisible Woman is already a must-draft for any adventurer build, and her Fantastic Force Field 4 can make Plastic Man a huge presence on the battlefield.

Plastic Wrap can be a huge relief for figures that are prone to being tied down or otherwise particularly likely to end up having to make some hard decisions about leaving engagement. A couple of prime examples right in Plastic Manís native adventurer synergy are Thing and Human Torch. Ground-pounder and bruiser that he is, Thing is prone to getting bogged down by whatever cannon fodder the enemy has to keep him busy with. Torch, meanwhile, has to open himself up to leaving engagement attacks in order to use Flame On 4, which is one of the nastier auto-wounding powers out there. Negating or reducing risks to those figures means youíll be able to get that much more mileage out of them.

Bouncing Into Action
The applications of Bounce-n-Stretch are pretty straightforward for the most part, but it does provide the signature option of foregoing an attack to move an extra 4 spaces. Since Plastic Manís other powers are passive and very dependent on his positioning, you may often find yourself skipping Plastic Manís attack in order to get him set up just so. The 8-space movement, while ignoring elevations, makes him incredibly mobile: on some battlefields, you may be able to get him into position in just one turn. If youíre running him with fellow stretchy guy and adventurer/leader extraordinaire, Mister Fantastic, youíll usually be able to sneak Plastic Man into action without much of a hassle, or an order marker investment. He wonít be a go-to attacker once heís in place, but he may well get a few hits in if Mister Fantasticís rolling high for Fantastic Leader 4.

As has been hinted at already, Plastic Man thrives in a traditional Fantastic Four buildóthe build is a strong one to begin with, and almost any adventurer looks good running with the FF, but Plastic Man bounces especially nicely off the FF stalwarts, and adds a couple unique tricks to the mix at a discount price. Outside of FF builds, Plastic Man doesnít shine quite as brightly; heís not bad and he still has those same tricks up his sleeves, but adventurer synergy outside of the Fantastic Four doesnít exist, and without neatly tying into anything, Plastic Man is often overshadowed by the plethora of other solid mid-level heroes. Still, he may be worth a gander when youíre trying to fill that 145 Ė 200 point hole in your army. Nobody else quite does what Plastic Man does, and he can be a solid passive annoyance without requiring much in the way of order marker investment.
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Great writeup!
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