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This is SuperflyTNT's weblog, with news, fiction, stories, and helpful hints to the aspiring sociopath.
Tournament and Battle Commentary and News This category contains summaries of battles I've fought, strategy, figure selections and news about tournaments that I've been present at.
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Elves V. Marro - 1465 Points of Death and Dismemberment!

Posted May 15th, 2009 at 03:47 PM by SuperflyTNT
Updated May 16th, 2009 at 12:56 AM by SuperflyTNT
Here's my latest epic battle report, played on my newest map creation, Valley of Death and Dismemberment.

The Valley of Death and Dismemberment..BEHOLD!

Led by Acolarh, the mighty council of Elven wizards, aided by their Elven and Giant allies, were here to defeat the dreaded Marro menace and it's foul denizen of evil, the Hive.

The Mage, Emiroon, had summoned 9 of the the mightiest Amazonian Warriors Ashra could muster, Lord Syvarris and his Noble Band of Six, a brotherhood of archers unrivalled in all Aubria, and finally, Jotun, feared Giant warrior. (1465 Points)

Utgar, though, had plans for this territory. The Valley of Death and Dismemberment had a history of bloodshed and bodies piled as firewood....
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NHSD '08 - 6th Place of 22 Entrants

Posted October 19th, 2008 at 11:52 AM by SuperflyTNT
I played

3x Warriors of Ashra
Tarn Vikings
Kaemon Awa

1st Round played KCUMaster07's Raelin, Minions, and Omnicrons and I killed all but one Omnicron, all but 2 Minions and I think I didn't get Raelin. He killed my Krav and it was downhill from there.

2nd Round
I played against DragonMaster with all Blastatrons, Gladiatrons and Laglor , he killed some of my guys, but not much, and I killed a TON of his Glads and Blasts. It went to time but in the end I won with 390 points left if I remember right. Highlight: I rolled 6 consecutive Vydars + Skulls with Laglor's Autoload and ganked 6 enemy Blasts/Glads.

3rd Round
Played Bryan Brewster with his Q9/Raelin/Izumi/Laglor/AE army. Killed Raelin first, then 2/3 the Izumi, then Laglor. His AE never dropped. He killed 2 Krav, but then my Kaemon got on height and quickreleased him to death. 540 point win, never got a card killed plus...
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Dateline: 8-23-08, Fairborn Ohio. OVAH Tourney Report

Posted August 25th, 2008 at 10:20 AM by SuperflyTNT
Marduk is the MAN.

I say that because of the experience that I had on Saturday at the Ohio Valley Association of Heroscapers (OVAH) Tournament. It was held at a quaint little bookstore...

located in Fairborn, Ohio. This store has a basement with about 16 gaming tables, and was full of fellow Heroscapers when I arrived at about 11:40. The town of Fairborn looked really quaint, so I walked around a bit before heading to the games store, and there was an excellent used books shop featuring a few choice Frank Herbert and Robert Heinlein novels, although they were pretty yellowed so I passed on picking them up.

As I entered the store I noticed that the place was rife with Warhammer and D&D Minis gear, but to the right as you walked in there was a full display of HEROSCAPE small and large expansions. I walked a hair further and in the display case to the left they had some isocohedrons (20
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