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moving and a mountain of 'Scape

Posted June 28th, 2008 at 07:07 PM by aquaone
I'm moving Monday and Tuesday. As part of packing I had to bundle all my 'Scape together. I figures it was a fair time to take a couple photos so I busted out my trusty cameraphone and snapped a few. It's amusing because at the time the heroscape pile was more than the moving box pile (I was only ~30% packed).

The pile of stuff:

the figs:

side view:

Since taking these I've filled 2 more 18 qt. containers and a moving box with more 'Scape. I think I might have an addiction. o_o
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Posted June 29th, 2008 at 08:37 AM by NamibianScaper NamibianScaper is offline
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I was just going to post a blog about this...

I was wondering about the best way to store terrain in an organized way. The minis storage problem has been easily fixed. But I want to make terrain to be portable yet organized enough to easily pack up. I was thinking about starting a Heroscape group at my local gamestore, and I need to pack up without going into an oragnizing frenzy. Right now all my minis are in about 500 sandwich bagies stuffed in a box. My map pieces are in plastic grocery bags and all is stuffed into tiny 2'x3' boxes. The last 6vs6 game I had ended with me hastily stuffing all my map pieces into random bags which I spent an hour resorting at home later that night. Uuugh! So any suggestions about that?
Posted June 30th, 2008 at 12:48 AM by Faxanadu13 Faxanadu13 is offline
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If I didn't know any better I would think that you were moving my stuff. Having your scape organized like that is the best ever. I use to just throw all my crap in totes, shelfs, and boxes but my son and I went through and organized all of them by army and type. The terrain is separated by land type. It makes setting up games of scape so much easier and (like in your case) it is easier to pick up and go with your scape as well. Thanks for sharing.
Posted June 30th, 2008 at 08:18 AM by bad_calvin bad_calvin is offline
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Terrain storage is always tricky business. Personally I store my terrain for building maps quickly. I separate everything by type, then size. e.g. I have 2 large containers of nothing but 24 and 7 hex grass, another large container of 1, 2, and 3 hex grass. I've done this for everything unless I have limited terrain. For things like Ice/Snow, I have glaciers and ice in 1 container, large resealable baggies separating glacier bases from ice, and a separate container for snow hexes. One of the only places I've consolidated multiple terrain types into a single container is asphalt and concrete from Marvelscape. I don't have enough to justify separate containers for each.

The downside of my approach is that when I build, I have no idea how many master sets would be required. I don't have as much terrain as say... Dr. Weirdscaper... but I have enough that I can carelessly build something that requires 4 or 5 master sets that could have been done with 2. If I ever become independently wealthy I'll work on developing a tool to optimize Virtualscape files for minimal number of sets, heh.

When I'm bringing 'Scape somewhere, I use some "free" bins to carry what is needed for the map(s), as well as 1 extra bin for larger figures. I have 1 case that's made just for transporting armies (double-sided with lots of compartments).

As for figures, I highly recommend Plano tackle-box inserts. Swing by your local sporting goods store and see which ones work best for your use. Then go online and buy them as you can get them for ~40% of what you'd pay in a store.

Personally I like having lots of certain units (e.g. 10+ squads of 4th Mass) as people sometimes like playing the same armies against each other so I opted for the larger plano-14s. If you don't need that i'd recommend the slimmer ones with more compartments. They also work well for carrying your armies around (Several people in the Seattle Heroscapers get-together use them).
Posted June 30th, 2008 at 09:18 AM by aquaone aquaone is offline
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