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Emerald City Game Day (05/17/08)

Posted May 19th, 2008 at 02:53 PM by aquaone
Sophia and I showed up late having spent more time than expected stuffing our faces with cheese. We were warmly greeted and put into a game. It was a 2 on 2 with Sophia and I playing against 2 teenage boys. I whiffed a couple attacks early, they managed to roll perfect with Minions of Utgar repeatedly taking Cyprien down in round 2. Sophia and I talked a lot about how she needed to move her units together... but she never did. She wasted most of her order markers on until that should not have moved or could not move anywhere meaningful. Raelin moved 1 hex, changing nothing, twice. ... I called the game at the end of round 3. It was a lost cause.

Of note is that while playing I was educated/corrected on rules multiple times by people half my age. It's both humorous and humbling to know that despite what I own and having played this for almost 2 years now, I don't seem to know the rules very well. I still don't get the rationale behind the rules but I've had them confirmed.

The big one that's troubling me is line of sight. I was under the impression a unit had to be facing in such a way that it could see it's target. I was told this is not the case -- The rules state that you just need to be able to draw a line from the sighting point to the target. The justification other have given is that the unit can turn it's head. If this is the case, why can a unit still block it's own line of sight ? Examples exist with Mimring's body blocking line of sight as well as Q-9's shoulder pads. If Nilfheim can shoot something 160 degrees behind him by turning his head completely around, why can't Mimring tilt his head or stretch his body? Why can't the Major turn his body a little? This does not seem consistent. If a figure's body blocks LOS, how can it see through the back of it's own skull? I'm annoyed with this rule. I'm still questioning it here.

The other rules clarification I received was that you cannot pass through engaged friendly figures while moving. I confirmed this one in the rulebook so no worries.

I got a second game in doing Jandar vs Jandar. I had Sir Gilbert (105), SotM Drake (170), and a 3x 4th Mass (210) for 495. He had Sir Gilbert (105), Knights of Weston (70), 3x 4th Mass (280), Raelin (80), and Eldgrim (30) for 495.

I won initiative the first 3 rounds (by 1 each time) and I got a few lucky rolls with Sir Gilbert (3, 2, 2, whiff, 1) and it helped me move the 4th Mass into decent positions. I got quite a few shots in, missing a few opportunities, and perhaps focusing too hard on Raelin. He took the chance to take the high ground and picked off several of my 4th Mass. Drake whiffed on a 4x skull from the Knights but my 4th Mass got revenge.

Eventually the game came down to little more than 4th Mass vs 4th Mass. I had numbers and in the end there was no one left but Eldgrim, still in the starting zone. He made a valiant charge but his fury didn't carry him far.

After that game I packed things up, talked about video games with one of the regulars, and then Sophia and I made our departure. She was getting rather bored and I'm a bit concerned as she kept making up stories all weekend so god only knows what she was talking to people about.

I don't feel I made as good an impression as I wish I had... and a few things felt off... but I'm glad I went and hope to go to more. I can't guarantee I'll be able to make all of them, or even that I'll be able to stay for very long... but I do hope to come back, provided I'm welcome to.
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