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Bits and Pieces

Posted April 19th, 2012 at 11:57 AM by Sylvano the Wasabus
If you do a lot of customs sooner or later you end up with a box of ďbits and piecesĒ- bases, arms, heads, and odd figures that just havenít found their way to Valhalla yet.

In addition we have a brain box full of odd ideas weíd like to use but just havenít got to yet- either because the idea just isnítí finished, or itís too much work, or thereís still something wrong with it.

Making a good custom takes a long time- the card part is easy but the play testing lasts forever....

Here are a selection of random bits and pieces from our brain box.

The General Idea
I like to play the Romans and I have customed a good drawer full. Some are simple- I use the legionnaires with pilums together in squads of four to make a group with a once-per- game ranged pilum attack- very deadly.

We have praetorians, auxiliary cavalry, heavy cavalry and Julius Caesar too. But Iíve always been fascinated by MD
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