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Valhalla Society - Second (But Hardly Final) Thoughts

Posted March 10th, 2010 at 01:53 PM by kolakoski
The Valhalla Society was created as a reaction to firearms similar to that of the Last Samurai. It also reflected my feeling (shared by many) that certain units were dominating the metagame (Krav/4th/10th/Stinger/Qs). I had previously gone along with the program to a large degree, eschewing the Qs and Stingers, but playing the Krav and the 10th, and other, lesser shooters (for example, the Marro Warriors) in various armies with great success, and greater boredom. So, now, instead of Krav/10th/Raelin and whatever, it is Kaemon and Raelin and/or Deathreavers and whatever. I believe that, with the advent of D1, the metagame has balanced the playing field relative to ranged commons/Krav/AE. Special Attackers are more important than ever as a result. The Qs will see more play, and must be countered. As must the Hydra. I am eager to field Mogrimm and, especially, Torin, but creating competitive armies for them, especially as I want to use Romans, without Me-Burq-Sa and/or the Marro Warriors,...

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