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D&D 'Scape: MY thoughts.

Posted December 23rd, 2009 at 02:16 PM by Heroscape Elffy
Wow. I'm making a Blog? It's been awhile. So, I was away from the site for awhile, during Parts 2 and 3 of D&D Preview Blogs. So I hopped on a couple days ago, and noticed them. I clicked 3 and saw cards.
They blew my mind how well thought out and thematic they were! I haven't been commenting on the threads (surprise!) about D&D stuff, for the most part, but thinking. Combos to be used during the Campaign, Combos for Tourneys, how many do I need to fulfill my Drow-Love? With all this swirling in my head, it didn't take long for me to get some favorites from this set. There are some I'm not too thrilled about, mind you, but I can deal. I mean, it's not like I have any say in what goes on, right? :P

Before I DO continue with MY thoughts (which are mine, not anyone elses), I'd like to thank everyone who play tested and designed these. You guys did some awesome work balancing these guys with Classic Scape. You guys deserve much more thanks than you get.

Now, onto MY thoughts!

Feral Troll: Uncommon Heroes are a GREAT concept. I just don't like the idea of a colored sticker on my characters and cards to tell them apart. Move of 5 gives him 8 life is the same as Krug. DEF 1 is probably good with Regeneration. I bet we'll see ALOT of this guy at tourneys.

Deepwyrm Drow: Hot Damn, my Drow have arrived! I LOVE DROW. I don't like that they're so easy to kill. Hide in Darkness isn't all that great, but you can use it ANYTIME (only normal attack, sadly) not just on a ranged attack or when you're on a shadow space. 16's a bit high, IMO. I love the direction they went with Poison, and their mobility just tickles me. I'm giddy.

Othkurik: Love him! At 140, he's 10 cheaper than Mimring, and has the same stats! Flying is the same, and Acid Spray is probably about the same as Mim's Fire Line. You're more likely to get 3 adjacent than 3 lined up. Lurking Ambush is great, as you're likely to see at least one Swamp map at a tourny. You hope. :P

Pelloth: I wish he had higher DEF. Even just 1 more would make him survive SO much longer. I could see him paired with Raelin, JUST to keep him alive longer. 4 life with 3 DEF just isn't that reliable. Lurk in Shadows would be cool if it worked any time, and they were limited to, say, 4 spaces from Pelloth. Or adjacent when he's on a shadow space. But that makes no sense! However, I do love the "Sacrfice your minions and make them blow up to hurt others" concept. Too bad it only works on Small and Mediums. And you only get to roll 3 dice.
But what can I do? I love him anyways.

Ana Kurithon: I like her healing ability, and the fact it doesn't waste an ordermarker. I don't like that she can't protect herself from Utgar, but she's not bad. Turn Undead will help against those pesky Vampires.

Tandros Kreel: Holy Crap. He'll be like Q9...a b**** to kill. With his 4 DEF and 7 Life, and most likely a backup with Ana/Raelin (nice 300 combo, actually) he'll be REALLY tough to kill. Cleave is a funny n
ame. :P

Darrak Ambershad: Another Dwarf I can forget to add to my army! He's slow for a rogue, and I'm sad he doesn't have a range with bolos or something. Although Sneak Attack is pretty cool, I wish it actually had something to do with sneaking instead of just having someone engaged with his attackee. Disarm traps won't help much, I'm afraid, except in the Adventure. But he's still awesome!

Ereven Sunshadow: Freakin' SWEET name. Fire Blast seems like it could have been really cool if not for the one part about "Must roll skulls on all dice" part.
Fey Step is actually really cool. "I'm going to teleport away from you, then shoot you with fire. Then someone better come help." His 2 DEF and ATT just can't hold him long enough with his 5 life.

In all, I'm very happy with the figures and cards. Good job, everyone!
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'Scaper94's Avatar
I'm with you on the Feral Troll's card(s). I hate that I'll have to put a sticker on mine. Oh well, he's a great character, so it seems. The new Dragon isn't terrible either...
Posted December 23rd, 2009 at 02:46 PM by 'Scaper94 'Scaper94 is offline
Grungebob's Avatar
Nobody is forcing you to put a sticker on there. The stickers are included just in case you want to use them. People have been playing DnD minis for years and nobody uses stickers to tell their creatures apart. But we felt it would be a mistake to not include a tool for this purpose.
Posted December 23rd, 2009 at 03:17 PM by Grungebob Grungebob is offline
Cleon's Avatar
Yeah, I will choose not to use the stickers, but they are a good move for the set. It's really not that hard to tell apart (say) two huge figures on the board. And Feral Troll costs 90pt. for one, so x4 or 5 of him in an army won't be a frequent thing.

For future uncommon heroes it may be harder if they're a smaller sculpt and/or cost less, but for now it will be easy. I don't think it will ever be that difficult without stickers anyways.

GB, do you think you could get through without using the stickers in a tournamet?
Posted December 23rd, 2009 at 03:39 PM by Cleon Cleon is offline
R˙chean's Avatar
Cleon, you may recall I color the bases of all my figures with sharpies. Well, I also make them different colors. I also make a corresponding color mark on the back of my cards. Now that is me and they way I mark my scape so I can tell what is mine if it gets mixed.

However, it plays right into UNcommon Heroes. Although, I will probably have to make the colored mark on the front side of the card for it to be functional.

As far as not using the stickers at a tourney, I don't think they would be required. However, you would want to have some clear system of differentiating the figures/cards for your opponent. I have seen rubber bands used as a non permanent way of distinguishing a figure on the board. If the same color rubber band were also placed on the card that would work.

It isn't so much we the tournament organizers would feel it absolutely necessary to make these distinctions visually, it is more so as a courtesy to your opponent that you make it clear what goes with what. It shouldn't have to be something permanent like stickers or sharpies, but there should be something making it clear which figure goes with which card.
Posted December 23rd, 2009 at 04:06 PM by R˙chean R˙chean is offline
Updated December 23rd, 2009 at 05:16 PM by R˙chean
Cleon's Avatar
Gotchya. I figured it would be more of a nice thing to do for the other people you'll be facing. Heroscape tournaments are more relaxed than, say, a Magic the Gathering tourney. It's cool to face a nice repaint by an opponent, or see stylin' dice towers, etc.
Posted December 24th, 2009 at 04:56 PM by Cleon Cleon is offline
chas's Avatar
I already have had colored stickers on all my squads for years, and their cards. Good guys start with red and blue, Bad Guys with orange and yellow. Why? So I can:

1. Tell them from other players using the same figures.
2. Tell one squad from another if needed in special scenarios.
3. Experiment with multiples of Unique Squads.
4. Yell "Forward, Blue Squad!" "Flank 'em, Yellow Squad!"
5. Etc. Etc. Etc.
Posted December 25th, 2009 at 02:38 AM by chas chas is offline
Updated December 25th, 2009 at 02:51 AM by chas
Mossman's Avatar
It's late and my brain won't conjure up the name of the things around the troll's forearms. Anway, I'm planning on dry brushing one with silver, one gold, one bronze... If I need more, the skull on his belt could be repainted. There are other easy touch-ups that could be done, but I think those would be the easiest ways to differentiate them in terms of a slight paint mod.
Posted December 25th, 2009 at 09:21 PM by Mossman Mossman is offline
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