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Death in Three Acts

Posted December 7th, 2011 at 04:55 PM by Sylvano the Wasabus
Act one Ė too early

I was driving recently with my four year old and we passed a cemetery. I casually mentioned that we should go investigate one soon, which he agreed. We like adventures and exploring.

HIM. Thereís dead people in there, right?
ME. Yes.
HIM. Theyíre buried in the ground?
ME. Yes.
HIM. How far down? Can they grab you?
ME. No, dead bodies and skeletons donít grab you unless thereís a sorcerer around, and there arenít any around here. We should go look for grandpaís mom and dad. I know where their grave is.
HIM. I donít know anyone whoís dead.
ME. You will.
HIM. How?
ME. Well grandma and grandpa arenít doing that well. Everybody dies sometime.
HIM. What?!!
ME. Everybody dies. Iím going to die. Youíre going to die. Everyone.
HIM. (burst of tears and sobbing) I donít want to die. I donít want to die. Dying is so stupid!...

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