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The "Canon" of Heroscape?

Posted March 12th, 2014 at 04:56 PM by kolakoski
Well met!

This was inspired by post #232, quoted below, in this thread.

Originally Posted by The B.I.V.
I don't really care about the C3V/SoV units and I know I'm not the only one. They are not canon. They are not official. They are customs. Well-designed and tested, they may be, but I will never accept them as anywhere on par with official releases.

Almost 1 year ago, this issue was discussed (and a Pool created) here. The B.I.V's reference to "canon" is clearly in response to this post by Dadscaper from that thread, and the s it received:

The word you are looking for, kolakoski, is "canon."

Canon: the body of rules, principles, or standards accepted as axiomatic and universally binding in a field of study or art: the neoclassical canon.

The C3V and SoV units are now part of the Heroscape canon, in my humble opinion. "Official"? No. Canonic? Yes.

which was itself a response to the third item in the Poll:

1. "Official" is forever exclusively Hasbro (or its predecessors/successors) manufactured units.

At some point in the future, if C3V/SoV can be trusted to produce units of comparable quality to "official" units, it would be acceptable to treat them as "official," and call them such.

3. Some other word should be found to codify the distinction between customs "vetted" by the C3V/SoV and the plethora of "unvetted" customs out there.

4. C3V/SoV can be trusted to produce, has produced, and will produce, units of comparable quality to "official" units, and are worthy of being called "official" now.

The results of that Poll were:

Never. 15 17.24%
Possibly yes - later.
5 5.75%
Find a different word.
45 51.72%
Yes - now.
36 41.38%

Just to see where we are, now that Dad has provided us with the aforementioned ed word, I've created a new Poll:

1. C3V/SoV (VC) is part of the canon of Heroscape.

C3V/SoV (VC) is not part of the canon of Heroscape.
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