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Repaint Feature - February 2017

Posted February 17th, 2017 at 02:43 PM by HS Codex

Rise of Orgsbane
Repaint Feature
Author: The Obfuscatedhippo

One of the most terrifying squads—and sculpts—from Classic ’Scape (in my opinion) is the Minions of Utgar. With Deadly Strike and an unshakeable defense, these winged fiends of Utgar have likely reigned chaos and destruction on your battlefields.

But what would an angel or a demon look like without its wings? This was the question and challenge leveled to orgsbane when I commissioned his work for a repainting / reimagining of the minion sculpt.

The result of orgsbane’s artistry and ingenuity was a trio of barbarians that were featured in a Custom Contest from 2013.


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