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3 Player Draft in the Swamp of Swampy Things (Pt. 2)

Posted November 23rd, 2019 at 03:21 AM by Astroking112
Played on a Spontaneous 3-Player Map
Objective: Kill the Player to Your Left
400 Points
No Glyphs

Picture of Map:

Current Version of Masha:

Astro: Masha Shingai, Kozuke Samurai, Agent Carr, Tetsuo Tyrell
Trying to kill Nathan

Nathan: Rujin, Syvarris, Deathstalkers, Wyvern
Trying to kill Nick

Nick: Ogre Pulverizer, Mind Flayer Mastermind, Elite Onyx Vipers, Sentinels of Grax
Trying to kill Astro

My Kozuke got blasted by Syvarris on their approach, but one managed to engage him the next turn. Nathan then decided to try to stall the game by swiping away my Kozuke and protecting him from Nick, so that I couldn’t die before Nick did. Meanwhile, Nathan advanced Rujin and his Deathstalkers through the swamp to assassinate the Ogre Pulverizer....

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