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If you have at least 7 Luck, you will hit "777" on your first slot spin...

Warning: The following blog post contains material suitable for people who breathe air. Zombies and the otherwise deceased need not apply.

Two timing terrain train

Posted October 18th, 2014 at 04:06 PM by flameslayer93
I've come into a great lot recently, and it might be just enough to say I've got a great collection put together. $800 bought:

RotV x4
Sotm x1
RttFF x1
TT x2
VW x2
FotA x1
TJ x1
Marvel x1

This brings my collection up to...

RotV x8
SotM x2
BtfU x3
RttFF x1
TT x2
VW x2
TJ x1
FotA x2
Marvel x2

That's double my prior collection!! Well, terrain wise. The figures I got were pretty epic too. Three squads of knights, two squads of templars, flagbearers... This does a real number for the new flameslayer meta too.

Thanks Jimmy! (If you are here, awesome)
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My Heroscape Thoughts of the Day

Posted June 30th, 2014 at 08:35 PM by flameslayer93
Recently, I've had the joys of teaching the game to small smattering of people. Those who have chosen to play have all said they've liked the game. So, as the group ever expands, I have to consider lots of new army avenues and ideas. HS represents all kinds of concepts, so I'd like my collection to show that. So, as it stands, I've done well there.

At our last gathering (Saturday), I noticed all 3 players (myself included) fielded custom units. Laurie chose to try out my two newest ones, Aorlened the Griffon Rider and Winnistre the Young Purple Dragon. Nick, after facing catastrophic defeat at the meet prior, chose to use 3 squads worth of Elchim Gatekeepers as well as Lortremm the cheerleader for these demons. I may need to invest in Morgloth sometime, because of Demon Leadership. He's a cool dude anyways. I felt like being a bit crazy on our super hilly board and fielded my Dwarvern Tank (backed by dwarves of course ). I also grabbed a handful of Floating Grenades and...
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Summah time chills

Posted May 19th, 2014 at 07:24 AM by flameslayer93
First things first, this winter sucked. Bad. Really really bad. As a still new driver (and more notably a new winter driver), the least that can be said is that I had some fun on the roads. Whether I was stuck in the middle of a two way road (4 lanes thankfully), trying to be a snow plow, or simply learning how to brake all over again, it was a riot.

So, hurray for Spring and Summer! Now if the weather would make up its damned mind as to what temperature it wanted to be, that'd be great.

Also, apparently due miscommunications, I will be getting a Tablet? O.o

I wonder if I'll be able to effectively use google docs on it or not.

Without further adieu, it's time to go to work now. Yippee
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Here comes the end, the destruction, the lost

Posted May 5th, 2014 at 05:35 PM by flameslayer93
A blog about HeroScape? Oh my!

Still in development is the one who can only be referred to as Cthulhu, though calling it something else is technically legal. This version isn't quite the actual Cthulhu, but it's pretty darn tough.

Unique Hero
Mind Flayer
Huge 9

Life 8
Move 6
Range 1
Attack 6
Defense 3

Psychic Consumate:
At the begining of the game, you may place any Mind Flayers you control on this Army Card. Demise receives all of their special powers, and may attack one additional time per figure. Demise may use any combination of attacks when he does attack.
Mental Superiority:
Demise may never be controlled by any opponent at any time.

200 Points

He got a 2v2 game in Saturday night, and proved that 4 Mind Flayer Masterminds are extremely fun and...
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Pick my poison

Posted April 22nd, 2014 at 08:26 PM by flameslayer93
So, today was fun. They did that bloodwork I referenced before... It wasn't the whole needle in my arm bit (), just that finger pricking stuff. When you have a never ending cold, and your body chooses a day to ache, even a little prickle in your finger bothers your arm for hours. ~.~

I've also decided to work towards getting a credir card (as I had discussed with Christina, and a couple of RL friends to varying results). It only needs to be capable of building me a credit line. I... don't have any. :/ I work a full 40/5 each week, and I'm killing myself with as much overtime as I can physically handle. When you've been ill for months only because you cannot rest because you can't afford to... Easter happens. I could hardly think clearly. A friend of mine told me I sound like ^=+#, which is probably true. But, I bring home a minimum of $1,180 a month. That's not horrific by any stretch of imagination. It does suck that my monthly insurance is sky high ($200+), but thanks...
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