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Warning: The following blog post contains material suitable for people who breathe air. Zombies and the otherwise deceased need not apply.
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Strange Cravings

Posted March 7th, 2019 at 09:35 PM by flameslayer93
They started yesterday. My mouth was parched, but drooling. My knees buckled under my own weight. Food could not sate the hunger. Sleep was not refreshing, and I could barely rest a few hours before awakening. I stared into endless empty with desire.

To Scape.

Ok, most of the above is extremely untrue and only there for entertainment. But Iíve been craving some competitive scape, fiercely. We havenít been able to attend any recent events due to financial and vehicular troubles, but hopefully in April and May Iíll get my cravings filled!

Now, Iíve no clue what the format in New Philly will be in May, but I do know what it is in April. 600 points, but everything must be Unique. That is a tantalizing challenge.

One interesting part of the format is that there are some cookie cutter armies that already exist. They all stand a notably better chance here than in other formats simply because the reduction of commons spam. Iíll go over what I can think of...

*Elf Wizards*
Normally the Elf Wizards are not great. I donít forsee that changing much here, but the amount of points of this format does give them a big leg up. Theyíll have trouble taking down big hero podges... notably Q9 and Nilfy centric ones. Especially since those heroes pack a punch every time they get a turn.

*Ornak Podges*
Although a lack of Blade/Heavy Grut bonding along with no access to Fen Hydra spam, greatly hurts the Flagbearer, I can realistically see him leading Cyprien and Bramcephys into battle... all while riding around on Brunak. In a possible heroes heavy format, the extra turns with Utgarís strongest can be game winning. I fear it could lose to a decent Varks player, though, since Varks are OM flexible and quite capable of getting to Ornak prematurely.

Along with Ornak Podges, this is the first build I thought of when I saw the format. The format certainly has enough points to really let someone Vark it up. Like the Elf Wizards though, the Varks will need to look out for big hero podges. Nilfy is quite capable of wiping out one of the 3-wolf squads in one turn and Q9ís Defense is enough to skirt off quite a few attacks as he plows through them. If you bring them, definately bring Bahadur. Plus, Bahadur also helps their attacks when he goes down.

*Monk Heroes*
With the exception of Master Woo, the Monk heroes do have some level of playability here, and because the whole package is cheap, you can afford to spring for your own high powered ranged units. Taking them would be like bringing a box of chocolates, giving you a variety of flavors to choose from depending on what you are seeing. I cannot say this army would be great however, as I suspect theyíd prefer to have their Shaolin brothers with them, but it is a valid army option.

Plenty of decisions to be made yet. But I do know one thing, Iím quite excited!
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