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Storyline of my campaign

Posted January 16th, 2009 at 10:44 PM by Bones
Updated January 20th, 2009 at 10:54 AM by Bones
I sing of warfare and a man at war.
One ripped from his existence,
And one, trying to escape what nature gifted.
For the steward the wars go on with and without,
Time forgotten more than remembered.
The cold arctic of Ibex slows and mellows,
Making a steady reach across what were states,
What were golden emblems, what were…
Tree, grass, root, and bark take back,
What wasn’t ours and yet we took.

After a pause, he remembers.
He builds what lies hidden in the cold.
Kept far from reaching hands and
For the moment… ignored and unchecked.
Clean, a fresh start, almost clinical.
A refuge, a place for those with knowledge,
In a place where its worth makes danger
At least, that’s what they say.
So for us we’ll forget the dark,
And focus on what lights we make for ourselves,
And with a groan for that indignity,
His spirit fled into his home below.

Storyline: RIFTS - Ibex Mountain Research Outpost
Setting: July 4, 254 PA - Post Apocalypse, en route to Ibex Mountain
Ibex Mountain is a young cinder cone in the Yukon Territory, of the pre-RIFTS nation of Canada, located 20 miles southwest of Whitehorse and 6 miles southeast of Mount Arkell. It is in a group of basaltic cones and lava flows called Alligator Lake and is in the Stikine Volcanic Belt. It is believed Ibex Mountain last erupted during the great cataclysm and the return of Ley-lines some 253 years ago.
Ibex Mountain is at the head of the Ibex River, which is southeast of Whitehorse. There is a road that runs close to Ibex Lake on the southeast side of the summit. From there is the hike to the summit of the cone. The Ibex Valley, located approximately 10 miles west of Whitehorse, is named after the cone.
The Ibex Mountain Research Outpost was devised by Asif Shafayat (Phonetic - "A-Siff, Sha-Fie-Yet"), a well-connected Ley-Line Walker and financier. His vision is to protect the sanctity of knowledge and provide safety and security for a small colony of researchers, brilliant societal outcasts, and hopeful adventurers seeking a new beginning. The Coalition and several well-established kingdoms have only heard rumors of this project and have yet to venture too deep into the tundra of pre-RIFTS North Western territories. The Ibex Outpost is virtually unknown... and Asif has spent a great deal of time, effort, and money to keep it that way.
Asif poured his collective fortune into constructing the 800-person underground research facility. He worked with hundreds of rogue scholars, techno-wizards, and engineers to build a massive outpost under Ibex Mountain. Its safety and security have now become his primary concern. The inside of the outpost is generally safe, but major risks such as bandits, monsters from the rifts, and Coalition spies weigh heavily on his mind.
The outpost is very spacious. Laboratories, residence areas, and all the comforts of home are quietly hidden 200 feet below the surface and mountain. Heating and energy generation are possible by the natural geothermal ground sources surrounding the volcano. Techno-wizardry has enhanced the lighting, safety, food production and many other comforts immensely. There is enough food, water, and supplies to survive a 100-year atomic winter.
There are only a few more days until the Ibex Outpost is completely finished and the last convoy carrying a Rifts-plucked Jedi, a Ranger, and mystic martial artist arrive. Saturday is the beginning of a new story for them all...
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Tornado's Avatar
Sounds great. I like how you limited the area where the game would take place. Rifts grand scale always felt a little overwhelming. Did the player's create their own PCs or did you? Any restrictions on race or classes? Do you have the whole underground complex mapped out? I would love to have a copy of that. Also curious about how long you have GMd Rifts and if you have attended any cons or made it to the Palladium open house. I actually got to play in a game ran by Wujcik. One of the greatest highlights for me in gaming. Best of luck in your new campaign, looking forward to find out how it goes.
Posted August 25th, 2010 at 06:00 PM by Tornado Tornado is online now
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